It all started for Brothers Bolland with their appearance on the TV show of Willem Duys', called "De Vuist". They were 15 and 16 years of age, respectively. The success of that show appearance was a bit overwhelming for the youngsters. But "Summer of '71", their first single, brought them a lot more publicity. Rob and Ferdy were born in Port Elisabeth, South Africa, Rob - on April 17, 1955 and Ferdy - one year later, on August 5th. When they were still very young, they learned to play guitar from their older brother Tom, who was already a performing pop artist in his own right, known as George Riley. Giving in to their musical ambitions, the three brothers formed a band called "The Swingkickers". The band performed mostly at parties, etc., usually very simple music; it was just for fun. It was the time of the Merseybeat, and the Beatles were an up and coming band! After living in South Africa for a while, the family moved to Holland, and later to Germany, then back to South Africa again, and finally back to Holland. Upon their arrival back in Holland, they sent, as a joke, a tape containing some of their songs to Negram. The next day, the record company phoned them up with great enthusiasm! In a few weeks, the single "Summer of '71" was on the market. The two brothers subsequently became very popular in Germany as well, as they immediately embarked on a promotional tour there. The 'peak time' of the brothers' career was in the early seventies. They were only 17 and 18 years of age at the time. Following a string of very successful hit singles, the Bolland brothers concentrated on songwriting and production work. In the eighties and nineties, they've had 'on and off' success launching and producing contemporary teenybop groups.

1972 Summer of '71/Theme for blue				  Negram NG 275
     Wait for the sun/Answer for a lifetime			  Negram NG 288
     Florida/Peanuts						  Negram NG 306
     LP Florida							Negram NQ 20074
1973 Ooh la la/Fly across the sky				  Negram NG 331
     Leaving tomorrow/Saturday morning news			  Negram NG 376
     I won't go anywhere/Small town citizen			  Negram NG 387
     LP Greatest hits						Negram SPLO 108
     LP Greatest hits						 Negram ELS 979
1974 Mexico I can't say goodbye/If you leave me			  Negram NG 427
     Train to your heart/Honey love				  Negram NG 465
     Dream girl/ [Germany]
     LP The best of Bolland & Bolland				Negram SPLO 130
1975 You make me feel so high/Two tonight			Philips 6012543
     Holiday/Tiana						Philips 6012599
     LP Bolland & Bolland					Philips 6410089
1976 Souvenir/All summer long					Philips 6012603
     The last Apache/Autumn of her lifetime			Philips 6012664
1977 Time of your life/						Philips 6012711
1978 Spaceman/Young girl				    Negram 5C 006-25838
     UFO/Funkadelic man					    Negram 5C 006-25948
     Hold on/Outlaws paradise				    Negram 5C 006-26045
1979 Melodrama/Showdown at sundown			    Negram 5C 006-26266
1980 The music man/Free in L.A.				    Negram 5C 006-26446
     Way back in the sixties/Free in L.A.		    Negram 5C 006-26561
1981 I'm in the army now/Domino theory theme			  Lark INS 1439
     LP The domino theory					  Lark INL 3618
1982 Never too late/						  Lark INS 1447     
     Cambodia moon/	
1984 LP Silent Partners
1987 LP Brotherology
1991 LP/CD Dream Factory
1991 LP/CD The Bolland Project (w/many special guests incl. Suzi Quatro, Colin Bluntstone, etc.)
1995 CD Pure

Dutch Charts

    7-11-81     SINGLE  tip     YOU'RE IN THE ARMY NOW
    3-11-84     SINGLE  tip     TEN AMERICAN GIRLS
    6-5-72      SINGLE  19  5   SUMMER OF '71
    29-7-72     SINGLE  11  6   WAIT FOR THE SUN
    18-11-72    SINGLE  tip     FLORIDA
    14-4-73     SINGLE  27  3   OOH LA LA
    6-10-73     SINGLE  tip     LEAVING TOMORROW
    11-5-74     SINGLE  16  8   MEXICO, I CAN'T SAY GOODBYE  [Alarmschijf op 4-5-74]
    27-9-75     SINGLE  31  3   YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO HIGH
    29-11-75    SINGLE  tip     HOLIDAY
    25-12-76    SINGLE  25  4   THE LAST APACHE
    18-3-78     SINGLE  14  7   SPACEMAN
    5-8-78      SINGLE  tip     UFO (WE ARE NOT ALONE)
    7-10-78     SINGLE  tip     HOLD ON
    12-5-79     SINGLE  tip     MELODRAMA
    13-1-90     SINGLE  23  4   THE WALL CAME TUMBLING DOWN  [Alarmschijf op 6-1-90]
    15-2-92     SINGLE  tip     BROADCAST NEWS

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