This group was based in The Hague/Leiden and founded in 1970 as a hard rock outfit by Peter Hollestelle (ex-Peter & Blizzards, also solo). The others were: Ton Sijpestein (g), Aad van der Berg (o,p, in 1973 replaced by Frans Eschauzier, to Massada), Pim Roos (b) and Theo van der Hoven (dr). By the end of 1977, the group added vocals and percussion and renamed itself Hasheband (later Cashmere). The Flag had a rough sound and was mainly popular in France.

1971	Ginny/A letter Polydor 2050103
1972	Got to get you into my life/It's allright Polydor 2050155
1973	Tobacco bay/Outlaw on the run Groovy GR 1201
1974	One of a kind/Country lady Groovy GR 1205


Cashmere originated from the Amsterdam-based Hasheband. Lineup: Peter Hollestelle (v, ex-Flag), Pim Roos (b,p, ex-Flag, to More), Ton Sijpestijn (g, ex-Flag, to More), Ruud Demmenie (b, in 1979 replaced by Lando Milan, ex-Checkmate, that same year to Delrose), Harry Verhoeven (g), Ab Tamboer (dr, in 1979 to Earth & Fire and succeeded by session drummer Shel Schellekens, ex-Rainbow Train), Wally (perc), Buck Fouroux (g, ex-Revolts) and female singers Lilly and Jody Pijper. Having released the first single as a group, Cashmere was reduced to the duo of Peter and Jody (in 1982 solo as Jody Miles) by the end of 1979.

1979	Love is what I want/I need love Fleet 100460
	Love is what I want/I need love [12"] Fleet 600029
	I want you/Too far gone Fleet 101034
	I want you/Too far gone [12"] Fleet 600142
1980	I wanna touch you/Hey baby Fleet 101814
	Stop/Years go by Fleet 102098
	On and on and on/Hey you Fleet 102564
	LP Fleet 202397


Hard rock group from The Hague with Ton Sijpesteijn (g, ex-Cashmere), Pim Roos (b, ex-Cashmere), Peter Selbach (v, to Bizarre) and Hans Adelaar (dr, ex-Sfinx and Cobra, to Bizarre). The group More was active during the years 1979-1981.

1980	Motorway madness/Long way back CNR 141630

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