After starting out as Willy Ferrari & Rollers in 1965 in Heusden, they made their first single in 1967 as Ferrari's. Following  some good singles, come 1970, they turned their style around to imitate that of George Baker, which, consequently, brought them more success, one hit single at a time.  Lineup consisted of Frank Faas (v,g,s,fl,dr), Jaap Roubos (v,b,tr), Ben van Wijk (v,g,s,trombone), Kit Verboven (v,o,g) en Jan van Loon (v,p,o,dr).

Also see Ferrari's

1970 A sunny day/Please take me home		Greenlight GLS 428
Feeling so happy/Land of loving			Greenlight GLS 433
1971 The girl I need/Life is just easy		CBS 5384
Someday's coming/A lovely word			CBS 7260
1972 You are mine/Good times			CBS 7743
Help Jesus help/You turn me on [never released]	CBS 8041
LP The best of Ferrari & Shuffles		Artone BJS S 1601
1973 Mary Ann/Dreams/She's mine			CBS 8041
People smile/Big girl				CBS 1680
Exodus/Help Jesus help				CBS 1904
LP The best					CBS 53373
1974 Hosanna/A children's laugh			Negram NG 434
1975 Sailor boy/Dance through the night		Negram NG 2004
Woogie boogie/A new chance			Negram NG 2037
LP The best					CBS 53064
LP Greatest hits				Negram NR 117
1976 Sweet love/I'm a rambler			Negram NG 2084
Monza/Sandy					Negram NG 2138
LP Sing with me					Negram NR 134
1977 Gypsy girl/Faster				Negram NG 2188
Mexico/Stone valley				Negram NG 2253
Goodbye/Live to love you			Negram 5C 006-25763
LP From Ferrari with love			Negram 5C 058-25764
1978 Marylou/Why				Negram 5C 006-25846
Amore mio/Sing signorina			Negram 5C 006-25995
1979 I can sing a rainbow/Friends		Negram 5C 006-26216
LP Golden greats				Negram 5C 028-26154
1980 Send me the pillow/Red wine and roses	RCA PB 5681


Also see Ferrari

1967 Walk like a man/If you need me			Havoc SH 134
1969 The birds they understand/Miss Cathy Jones		Delta DS 1312

[18-4-1970]:33-33-32					A SUNNY DAY ferrari
[13-3-1971]:28-27-39					THE GIRL I NEED ferrari
[08-4-1972]:33-23-21-29					YOU ARE MINE ferrari
[26-4-1975]:33-24-15-9-7-7-15-36			SAILOR BOY ferrari
[06-9-1975]:24-23-26-35					BOOGIE WOOGIE ferrari
[17-4-1976]:24-13-7-4-3-2-1-2-7-19-28-36		SWEET LOVE ferrari
[28-8-1976]:32-15-9-6-5-5-7-13-25-37			MONZA ferrari
[05-3-1977]:35-21-19-25-39				GYPSY GIRL ferrari
13-8-1977 tip						MEXICO
11-3-1978 tip						MARY-LOU

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