1942 - 1997

Jack de Nijs, who also recorded under many other names, was most famous for his Elvis style pop music


1973 I'm calling/Conny					  Imperial 5C 006-24830
     Don't break this heart/Answer me					  24882
1974 In the still of the night/Mary					  25002
     Papa was a poor man/No regrets					  25019
     Rub it in/I'll hold your hand					  25044
     LP In the still of the night				      052-24992
1975 I wonder/I'll miss you					      006-25056
     Mary Lee/Stay till tomorrow					  25091
     Silvery moon/Till the end of time					  25310
     Gone girl/Silent night						  25341
     LP I wonder						      062-25153
     LP A Christmas show					      064-25296
1976 Me and Bobby McGee/Love lovin' lover			      006-25380
     After sweet memories/The reason why				  25502
     Blue brown eyed lady/You're the only reason			  25523
     Lonely Christmas/Merry Christmas, sweet memory			  25539
     LP Sings country						      026-25416
     LP The best						      056-25450
1977 Lonely man/Keep on shakin'					      006-25547
     On this night of a thousand stars/Higher than the mountains	  25587
     Forever/Honey baby							  25668
     She was dynamite/At the end of it all				  25726
     LP A Christmas show (re)					      062-25296
     LP Forever							      064-25568
     LP Asian dreams							  25714

[13-10-1973]^13*7	I'M CALLING   jack jersey
[19-01-1974]^17*6	DON'T BREAK THIS HEART   jack jersey
[13-04-1974]^6*11	IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT   jack jersey
[13-07-1974]^5*11	PAPPA WAS A POOR MAN   jack jersey
[02-11-1974]^14*6	RUB-IT IN   jack jersey
[22-02-1975]^11*7	I WONDER   jack jersey and the jordenaires
[17-05-1975]^38*3	MARY LEE   jack jersey
[30-08-1975]^22*3	SILVERY MOON   jack jersey
[06-12-1975]^11*7	GONE GIRL   jack jersey
[17-04-1976]^22*5	ME AND BOBBY MCGEE   jack jersey
[17-07-1976]^17*7	AFTER SWEET MEMORIES   jack jersey
[04-09-1976]^6*11	BLUE BROWN-EYED LADY   jack jersey
[05-03-1977]^21*6	LONELY ME   jack jersey
[03-12-1977]^18*6	SHE WAS DYNAMITE   jack jersey
[24-05-1980]^4*9	SRI-LANKA... MY SHANGRI-LA   jack jersey
[11-10-1980]^28*4	WOMAN   jack jersey
[27-06-1981]^26*5	SHANAH   jack jersey
[01-05-1982]^26*5	PUERTO DE LLANSA   jack jersey


Jack Jersey = Jack de Nijs

1970 Blame it on the summer sun/Daisy bell			Polydor 2050046
[17-07-1971]^35*2	BLAME IT ON THE SUMMERSUN   ruby nash


Under his Dutch name, Jack Jersey made records in Dutch. See also: Jack Jersey, Ruby Nash, Jack Dens, etc.

1970 Sofia Loren/Adio amore					Polydor 2050012
     Al ben ik Mr. Mundy niet/Geen poen voor Barcelona			2050036
1971 Oh daar heb je ze weer/Angelina					2050087
[11-04-1970]^23*3	SOPHIA LOREN   jack de nijs
[01-05-1971]^36*4	OH DAAR HEB JE ZE WEER   jack de nijs
[08-01-1972]^25*4	AY AY WAAR BLIJFT MARIA   jack de nijs
[15-04-1972]^28*3	HELENA   jack de nijs


This Indonesian rock group from Roosendaal was founded in 1958 by Jack de Nijs, now better known as Jack Jersey. Before his time with the Swallows, he recorded skiffle music under the name of The Four Sweeters and formed a singing duo with one of the members of the Swallows: Jack & Woody. In 1964, the name of the group was changed into the Losers. See there also.

1960 I'll be lonely/Pretty Roehm shoes				Philips ?
1961 Careless babe/Heaven in your eyes				?
     Won't you anymore/Dreams gonna be real			CNR UH 9522


Jack de Nijs.

1960	Lucille/So sad                                           Fontana TF 266179
	Paulette/They say                                        Fontana TF 266180				      Fontana TF 266179


They were Jack Jersey's accompanying group.

1973	Skokiaan/Are you leavin' me Imperial 5C 006-24845
1974	Fräulein/So everybody dance Imperial 5C 006-25010
1977	Superstar/ Negram NG 817
	Bache mi/Highway of my dreams [& Company] Negram NG 903


A beat group from Roosendaal featuring Jack de Nijs, ex-Jack Dens & Swallows and Tony & Magic Rhythms), Henk Voorheyen (dr, ex-Swallows), Will Massius (b), Emile Schwartz (g, ex-Tony & Magic Rhythms) and Loek Bastiaans (g, ex-Tony & Magic Rhythms, later in Ruud Hermans Band). This group existed from 1964 'til 1967; Jack went solo after that and found fame as Jack Jersey.

1965 Since you're gone/Mexico CNR UH 9805
1966 Give me time/The jerkin' tree CNR UH 9859


Skiffle group under the leadership of Jack de Nijs from Roosendaal.  Jack and drummer Henk Voorheyer later emerged together in Jack Dens & Swallows and the Losers.  They also recorded two singles as Jack & Woody.

1960	Heavenly woman/Home little home Decca FM 264342
	Pretty rockin' shoes/I'll be lonely Decca FM 264343


This instrumental Indo-band from Dordrecht began in 1958 as the Mountain Boys and has accompanied, a.o., Clark Richard and Jack de Nijs (1963/64).  The line-up on both singles featured: Tony Monisz (dr, after the group's breakup back to his home country of Surinam), Jeff "Oele" Berkley (g, to James, Jill & Jackson), Emile Schwartz (g, to Losers), Ferdy George (b) and Nico Barends (g).

In 1964, the group was heard for the last time. At that time, they worked with two female singers, Joety and  Willy Krause, and guitarist Loek Bastiaans (by the end of 1964 with Jack de Nijs, to the Losers).

1962	Tropical memories/You are my sunshine Polydor S 1058
	Take it easy/Rocking the blues Polydor S 1059


Indo-born singer Richard Andreas from Dordrecht, ex-Hunting Wolves, who was a member of the Tropical Stars, around 1980. After his arrival in the Netherlands, in 1958, he worked with the Stars for a few years and then left for Belgium, where he made a large number of records.  In 1960, Clark also sang for a little while
in Tony & Magic Rhythms.  The LP from 1981 is an bootleg - one half of it filled with recordings of Belgian  rock group the Picknicks.  Members of the Tropical Stars in 1963 were: Loek Tuinenburg (dr, to Boy & Rolling Kids), Bart Carels (b, ex-Rollers) and Tim Spensman (g).

1960	Come back to me/I'll try Ronnex R 1303
	Blue teardrops/Come again Ronnex R 1322
1963	Beat it/Set him free Roover 11001
1965	In gedachten/Kom terug Roover 11004
	I really don't know why/Tell me no lies Roover 11005
1966	Deze melodie/Hij keek haar maar aan Roover 11008
1967	Het was je laatste kans/Ben ik echt je lieveling Roover 11010
1968	Tranen in je ogen/Soldatenliefde Philips JF 333824
	Tranen in je ogen/Soldatenliefde Roover 11012
	Het was je laatste kans/Ben ik echt je lieveling Philips JF 333826
1969	Als er tranen vloeien/Ik heb mijn lesje goed geleerd ?
1970	Pretend/ ? 6021023
1972	Leopoldlaan nummer 6 is waar ik woon/Wat zeg je nou?
	Elf Provincien ELF 6726
1973	Lady lalala/Am I right, am I wrong Telstar TS 1900
1974	Anita/San Diego Telstar TS 2023
1980	Wintertijd/Luie morgen [als Andreas] CNR 144722
1981	LP The best of Clark Richard and the Picknicks Remember 801

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