Ad Roos (14-07-1941 - 09-05-2003)

Rotterdam group, consisting of Willem Duyn (v,dr, since 1969, ex-Jayjays, to Speedway), Jerry Steenstra (b, ex-Hit Fighters, to Speedway), Loek Das (g, ex-Megas, to Speedway), Ad Roos (v) and Otto Roos (o,p).  This lineup existed from 1968 till 1970.  During that period, they recorded an LP as Stardust.  In 1971/72, Jerry, Ab and Otto were working together again as Trio les Etoiles.

1969 LP Every night with Angelica	Tulip 4005
1970 	Someday/Love has gone		Action 2102001
1972 LP Trio les Etoiles
1977 LP Les Etoiles in Kijkduin [as duo (Otto Roos & Tommy Racz)]
???? cass Les Etoiles in Turpin [as duo (Otto Roos & Tommy Racz)]


1969 LP Soul Sensation	Iris 15022


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