Mecano was a New Wave group from Amsterdam starring Dick Polak (vocals, recorded a single earlier as Dick Pollack), Pieter Kooyman (g), Cor Bolten (g, ex-Lulu Zulu & White Guys), Theo Bolten (b, ex-Divorce) and Ton Lebbink (dr, ex-Charlie Davidson, Lulu Zulu & White Guys). Ex-member Ludwig Wisch released a solo single in 1980 and after that an LP with Sister Spliff & Demon Dread. After the breakup of Mecano in 1981, Ton Lebbink returned with a solo act, in which he used Dutch poetry.

1978	Face cover face/Fools No Fun VR 10431
1979	State of apprehension/Killroy's tango Torso
1980	LP Untitled [mini-LP on 45 rpm] Torso 121
	Escape the human myth/History landmarked [12"]
	LP Subtitled
1981	Robespierre re-Marx/Room for two
	LP Entitled [sampler for the American market]


1982	VoetbalknieŽn/Donker is de Kalverstraat Blessure 104148
	LP Luchtkastelen Blessure 204337


1973	Hey everybody/Deep in my heart Negram NG 362


Divorce was the Amsterdam New Wave duo of Mark Glynne and Bart Zwier. After one self-produced LP, they chose the name Divorce and added Ad Struyk and Rob Brautigam to the line-up. In 1982, Bart created the group Project featuring: Bart Zwier (v), Pim Oostdijk (v, g), George Oostdijk (b), John Longbridge (o, p) and Leonard Wijmans (dr).

1980	Friends and celebreties/Familie Divorced DIV 2
	LP Home comfort Divorced DIV 1


Amsterdam duo Myrta Salesia and Ludwig Wisch (ex-Mecano, to Jump Zero) released one reggae LP.

1980	LP Marchena city Ranking 0077

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