Formed in 1961 in Voorburg as the Sandy Coast Skiffle Group, they had the following names: the Sandy Coast Five, Sandy Coast Rockers and, finally, Sandy Coast.  Thanks to the Hitwezen magazine-organised talent search, they were awarded a record contract with Negram in 1965.   Featured members: Hans Vermeulen (vocals, guitar, keyboards), his brother Jan (bass and guitar), Jos de Jager (bass, 1964-67), Henk Smitskamp (bass, ex-Livin' Blues, from 1970 till 1971, to Shocking Blue), Onno Bevoort (drums, in 1970 temporarily replaced by Will Morkus, in 1974 to Water), Ron Westerbeek (vocals, guitar, keyboards, ex-Daddy's Act, to Water), Charles Kersbergen (guitar, until 1965) and Marianne Nobles (vocals, ex-solo, 1972).   In 1974, Sandy Coast disbanded; Hans formed Rainbow Train together with his brother Jan.

1965 	Being in love/I want you for my own        	Delta DS 1144
1966 	Subject of my thoughts/I'm a fool  		1158
	That girl was mine/I lost a dream       	1173
	We'll meet again/Coming home    		1192
	Sorry she's mine/Make me belong to you  	1211
1967 	Sing before breakfast/A girl like you      	1227
	Milk and tranquillizers/I'm working my way back to you  
	And her name is/Anyway you want me      	Relax 45065
	LP And their name is ...        		Marble Arch MALH 202
1968 	I see your face again/Goodbye don't cry    	Relax 45095
	Innocent girl/My empty world    		45127
	Pretty clothes/The way I feel about you 	(C&A) C&ASL 1001
	LP From the workshop 				Relax 31631
1969 	Capital punishment/My friend Abdullah      	45129
	Advice/North Canadian paradise  		Page One POF 153
	Deep down down/Back to the city 		161
	LP Shipwreck    				MORS 201
1970 	Eleanor Rigby/In my opinion        		POF 166
1971 	True love that's a wonder/If       		Polydor 2050083
	Just a friend/Sorry     			2050127
	LP      					2925001
1972 	Just two little creatures/What kind of freedom  2050168
	Summertrain/A place near the sun        	2050187
	Capital punishment/I see your face again        Imperial 5C 006-24604
	Subject of my thoughts/We'll meet again/Milk and tranquillizers
							Negram NG 293
	LP Superstarshine vol.12        		Polydor 2419032
1973 	Blackboard jungle lady/Don't get me wrong  	2050245
	LP Stonewall					2925014
1975 	LP Dutch pop special       			Emidisc 5C 050-51126
	LP      					Negram NAF 233
1976 	Capital punishment/I see your face again/And her name is 
							EMI 5C 006-25388
	LP      					DAG 137
[27-08-1966]^39*2       WE'LL MEET AGAIN sandy coast
[03-12-1966]^40*1       SORRY SHE'S MINE sandy coast
[25-02-1967]^28*6       A GIRL LIKE YOU sandy coast
[14-10-1967]^22*6       AND HER NAME IS ... sandy coast
[11-05-1968]^12*8       I SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN sandy coast
[15-02-1969]^12*7       CAPITAL PUNISHMENT sandy coast
[13-03-1971]^3*12       TRUE LOVE THAT'S A WONDER sandy coast
[04-09-1971]^11*6       JUST A FRIEND sandy coast
[11-03-1972]^26*5       JUST TWO LITTLE CREATURES sandy coast
[01-07-1972]^6*8        SUMMERTRAIN sandy coast
[21-04-1973]^31*3       BLACKBOARD JUNGLE LADY sandy coast
[21-02-1981]^11*8       THE EYES OF JENNY sandy coast

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