An all-girl choir from 't Gooi directed by Lex Karsemeyer. This formation existed from1952 till 1972 and then reunited in 1978 for a one-off LP.

In 1996, their song "Peter" was covered by Jiskefet, scoring a top 3-hit.

1956	EP Songparade nr. 1 Philips PE 422106
1957	Lazzarella/Scapricciatiello [with Willy Alberti] Philips PF 318001
	Songparade nr. 3 [Duitstalig] Philips PF 318009
1958	Wan dй wan dй/Welkom hier [b-side by Caribbean Serenaders] Philips PF 318025
	Songparade nr. 4 Philips PF 318062
1959	Elisabethan serenade/Met zestien Philips PF 318265
	EP You're my sunshine/You're the cream in my coffee/
	/There's a rainbow round my shoulder/I'm gonna sit right down Philips PE 422299
1960	Peter/Eenzaam Philips PF 318329
	EP Verliefd op Peter (Peter/Met zestien/Eenzaam/Elisabethan serenade) Philips PE 422437
	LP When you were sweet sixteen Philips PL 12712
1961	Oh Tom/Omdat ik lelijk ben Philips PF 318494
1962	O wat een maan/Mijn huwelijksdag Philips PF 318669
	EP Songparade Philips PE 433106
1963	Alleen maar Jan/Wel honderd and're mannen Philips PF 318830
	Wini wini/Jelle Philips JF 327517
1964	We love the Beatles/De jongen waar ik zoveel van hou Philips JF 327662
	LP 24 T.V.-successen Philips PL 12928
1965	Peter weet 't beter/Goodbye my summertime Philips JF 327835
1967	Boudewijn/Treur maar niet om mij Philips JF 333845
	LP 24 T.V.-successen [re] Philips QL 626307
1968	Felicidad/Pak wat zonnestralen Philips JF 333942
1978	LP 'Cause we're sweeties Philips 6423125
1980	LP Peter en andere grote successen Philips 6423354

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