One of the better rhythm'n'blues groups from Eastern Netherlands.  Founded in 1967 in Zwolle by Leen Ripke (v, ex-Mozarts) and Rudy van Dijk (s, ex-Jazz Prophets, later in Erwin Somer Group, Flash & Dance Band and Farrago) and named after the American group the Fifth Dimension.  In the beginning, it consisted of the above plus Jaap de Gronde, Karel v.d. Velde, Dirk-Jan v.d. Boogaard (tr, soon replaced by Chiel Scholder) and Jaap van Eyck (b, ex-Moans, to Sound Magics).

By the time they began recording, the line-up had changed to: Leen, Rudy, Helmig v.d. Vegt (o, p, ex-Vara Dansorkest, to Cuby & Blizzards), Herman Deinum (b, ex-Special Set and Mozarts, also to Cuby), Cees de Best (g), Michel Sardoen (tr) and Hans Lafaille (dr, ex-Jailhouse Jazzband, to Cuby; in 1969 replaced by Herman van Boeijen, ex-George Cash, to Fullhouse).  In 1969, the group's breakup was announced in the title of their last LP; on this record, Jaap van Eyck can be heard once again.

1967	Think of me/Emergency 999 Havoc SH 131
	You can't leave the past behind/The end of the battle Havoc SH 136
	Like a mistake machine/Chains Havoc SH 141
1968	Baby I need your lovin'/Double deal Decca AT 10305
	Get ready/Wonderland Decca AT 10335
	Baby I need your lovin'/Double deal [re] Decca AT 10359
	LP You can't leave the past behind Havoc HJA 204
	LP Blues Dimension Decca XBY 846508
1969	Twilight mood/Don't wanna lose her Decca AT 10372
	Battlefield of love/Shapes of things Decca AT 10376
	LP Blues Dimension is dead, long live B.D. Decca XBY 846523

Dutch charts:

24-8-68 SINGLE 35 5 GET READY

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