In 1977, Rosina Lauwaars (ex-Sommerset), Ab van Woudenberg (also ex-Sommerset) and Donald Lievet formed a trio called Harmony, which participated one year later in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1979, they broke up; Rosina Lauwaars recorded a solo single in 1980.

1978	't Is O.K./Bim bam bom Polydor 2050509
	It's O.K./Bim bam bom Polydor 2050510
	And I love you/Doctor Polydor 2050.29

Dutch charts:

29-4-78 SINGLE 29 4 'T IS O.K.

Submitted by: Adri Verhoef (a3@a3.xs4all.nl-removespam)
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