The duo consisting of Sandra Reemer and Dries Holten. When they started working together in 1968, they both had full careers behind them: Sandra as a teen pop star and Dries Holten - with Dutch "carnival" repertoire. Besides that, he'd recorded together with the Jolly Jokers and as Andy Wood. Sandra and Andres split up after a great number of hits in 1975 and both went solo.

1968 Storybook children/Just a minute				Philips JF 333912
     Something in my heart/ ?
1969 For the first time in my life/Tjibidi beng beng		Philips JF 336008
     Reaching for the moon/Angel and a woman			Philips JF 336080
1970 Let us pray together/Give it up				Philips 6012021
     Love is all around/You got soul				Philips 6012059
     LP Storybook children					Philips UBY 873031
1971 Those words/Isn't it a very good thing			Philips 6012094
     Que je t'aime/It's summertime				Philips 6012138
     Mary Madonna/It's all been said				Philips 6012170
     LP Let us sing together					Philips 6413012
     LP Que je t'aime						Philips 6413019
     LP Storybook children [re]					Philips 6440030
1972 Als het om de liefde gaat/Oude zigeuner			Philips 6012202
     What do I do/Gipsy man					Philips 6012208
     Mama mia/Would you be so kind				Philips 6012262
     Auntie/part 2 [w/Vicky Leandros, Demis Roussos]		Philips 6832032
     LP Als het om de liefde gaat				Philips 6413027
1973 Aime moi/Land of gold					Philips 6012323
     Dzjing boem te ra ta ta/I'm going down to the river	Philips 6012383
     LP Vijf jaar top 10					Philips 6413041
     LP True love						Philips 6413047
     LP Let us sing together [re]				Philips 6343205
1974 True love/Let me love you like before			Philips 6012393
     You believed/Don't you see					Philips 6012443
     LP Yum yum							Philips 6443225
     LP Tschinderassassa [Duitsland]				Ariola IT 87499
1975 Oh nous sommes très amoureux/I can't forget		Philips 6012495
     LP De beste						Philips 9289001
1976 LP Yum yum							Philips 6413019


Sandra Reemer was born in Bandoeng and was launched at the start of the 60s as a child star, but she proved her longevity on the scene.  In 1968, she sang at the Knokke Song Contest and participated several times in the Eurovision Song Contest (1972: with Andres; 1976: as Sandra Reemer; 1979: as Xandra).

Besides that, from 1968 to 1975, she was one half of the duo Sandra & Andres with Dries Holten.  The group Xandra featured Ton op 't Hof (dr), Mac Sell (g), Paul Vink (o, p) and Ferdy Lancee (g) and didn't last very long.

1962 Al di la/Duizenden sterren					Philips PF 318776
     Stille nacht/Gloria in excelsis Deo			Philips PF 318810
1963 Ik zweef aan mijn ballonnetje/Waarom			Philips PF 318840
     Hoe leit dit kindeke/De herdertjes lagen bij nachte	Philips JF 327518
     Gloria gloria/Sprookjesbal					Philips JF 327525
     Sluimer zacht/'t Is een mooie dag vandaag			Philips JF 327564
     EP Kopi susu/Stambul bunga mawer/Nona nona zamang seharang/Kapal ladju
								Philips PE 433137
     EP Stille nacht/De herdertjes lagen bij nachte/Hoe leit dit kindeke/
     /Gloria in excelsis Deo					Philips PE 433180
1964 Mijn gitaar/Als de wilde rozen bloeien			Philips JF 327643
     Kopi susu/Nona nona zamang seharang			Philips JF 327653
     Als jij maar wacht/Ben je 't heus				Philips JF 327664
     Oh Malaysia/Singapura [from EP, 'Oh Malaysia', with Boy & Rolling Kids]
								Philips PE 433201
1965 Een bos rozen/Zeg wat is er aan de hand			Philips JF 327788
     Heimwee/Dit gaat nooit meer voorbij			Philips JF 327879
1966 Mijn concert/Toe						Philips JF 327935
     Teddy song/No one can love you like I do			Philips JF 333525
1967 Jij vergeet/Ik wil vrij zijn				Philips JF 333637
1968 Since you have gone/Won't be long				Philips JF 334526
     Love is like a rainbow/					Philips JF 334576
1970 Simon Zealotes/Look on up at the bottom			Philips 6012071
1972 Als mijn moeder huilt/Soms [b-kant door Madelein]		Fontana 6013020
1975 Love me honey/Porque tu quieras				Philips 6012549
1976 The party is over/Mrs. Lonely				Philips 6012602
     Trust in me/Two tonight					Philips 6012621
     LP Trust in me						Philips 6413086
1977 This is your heartbeat/Lonely hearts club guide		Philips 6012713
     How little we know/Don't turn on the night			Philips 6012767
1981 Indonesia/This is the day [as Sandra Reemer]		CBS 1807
1982 Get it on/On and on					CBS 2094


Dries Holten aka Andres.

1971 Wedding bells/Unforgettable				Negram NG 204


Having accompanied his sister Sandra between 1960 and 1966 as a guitarist, Frank went on to making his own records as Franky, Justin Frank and under his own name. In 1976, he was a member of Radar for a short period of time.

1977	Sometimes/We've got to work this out			Negram NG 2199
	LP Second thought (Concerto for voice and orchestra #1)	Negram NZ 4
1979	LP Bagatella						Negram 5C 052-26142
	LP Paraphonia [& André Groote]				Negram 5C 052-26194


1974	Morning/Conquer the world				Polydor 2050314


1975	Portrait/Goodbye Lark					INS 9506


1981	It's okay for me/					CNR 141716
	It's okay for me/ [12"]					CNR 151036


1979	Oh boy/part 2 [as Rosy, Ronny & Debbie]			Philips 6012868


After the breakup of Sandra & Andres, Dries Holten formed this duo with Rosy Pereira. The duo existed from 1975 to 1978.

1975 Sausolito/Dance dance					CNR 141317
1976 I was born to love/Why don't you phone me			CNR 141326
     My love/I wanna be your baby				CNR 141351
     LP My love							CNR 657529
1977 I believe in you/Walt Disney wonderworld			CNR 141392
     Save me/Kiss me on the plane				CNR 141415
     I'd rather be sorry/Sing me another lovesong		CNR 141433
     Zwei wie du und ich/Wir spielen Katz und Maus		Telefunken 6.12090
     LP Pasar Malam souvenirs					CNR 657544
     LP Come closer						CNR 660015
1978 LP Zestien gouden successen				CNR 541664


1979 Colorado/Intercity						Mercury 6013529
     Colorado [Engels]/Colorado [Nederlands]			Mercury 6013531
     Nothing's gonna change/Stranger in town			Mercury 6013541
     It hurts to be in love/Fast mover				Mercury 6013547
     LP Nothing's gonna change ?

Dutch Charts:

    16-3-68     SINGLE  9   13  STORYBOOK CHILDREN
    20-6-70     SINGLE  5   8   LET US PRAY TOGETHER
    7-11-70     SINGLE  5   12  LOVE IS ALL AROUND
    27-3-71     SINGLE  5   10  THOSE WORDS
    14-8-71     SINGLE  8   7   QUE JE T'AIME  [Alarmschijf op 7-8-71]
    6-11-71     SINGLE  12  7   MARY MADONNA
    4-3-72      SINGLE  3   10  ALS HET OM DE LIEFDE GAAT  [Alarmschijf op 26-2-72]
    16-9-72     SINGLE  12  6   MAMA MIA  [Alarmschijf op 9-9-72]
    17-3-73     SINGLE  12  7   AIME MOI
    15-12-73    SINGLE  33  4   DZJING BOEM! TE-RA-TA-TA
    16-2-74     SINGLE  21  5   TRUE LOVE
    1-6-74      SINGLE  14  6   YOU BELIEVED
    1-3-75      SINGLE  28  2   OH NOUS SOMMES TRES AMOUREUX
    29-11-75    SINGLE  6   8   SAUSALITO  [Alarmschijf op 22-11-75]
    3-4-76      SINGLE  29  3   I WAS BORN TO LOVE
    4-9-76      SINGLE  3   11  MY LOVE
    14-5-77     SINGLE  26  5   I BELIEVE IN YOU
    15-10-77    SINGLE  tip     SAVE ME
    29-11-75    SINGLE  tip     LOVE ME HONEY
    6-3-76      SINGLE  3   8   THE PARTY IS OVER
    2-7-77      SINGLE  tip     THIS IS YOUR HEARTBEAT
    8-5-76      ALBUM   33  7   TRUST IN ME
    27-2-82     SINGLE  tip     GET IT ON
    1-2-86      SINGLE  tip     GOLD
    12-9-87     ALBUM   20  12  THE BEST FOR MY LOVE
    3-10-87     SINGLE  26  4   ALL OUT OF LOVE
    18-2-89     ALBUM   28  15  UNFORGETTABLE
    1-4-89      SINGLE  tip     GOODNIGHT, SWEETHEART ...
    20-10-90    ALBUM   54  6   SHE'S THE ONE
    20-10-90    SINGLE  23  5   LA COLEGIALA
    7-4-79      SINGLE  37  2   COLORADO
    11-10-80    ALBUM   26  8   RAME RAME
    6-8-88      SINGLE  tip     LAZY DAYS

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