Bojoura, of Bulgarian descent, was the most popular Dutch singer for a long period of time.  She was born in 1947 in The Hague as Raina Cleuver van Melzen and discovered by George Kooymans (Golden Earring) in 1967. She recorded a lot of folk songs, although she also did some songs penned by Kooymans.  She was frequently accompanied by the Thijs van Leer Trio (1967-1969).


1967 Everybody's day/Faceless sorrow				 Polydor S 1232
     Dream man/Looking for that land				 Polydor S 1246
1968 Circus will be in town in time/Treat me			 Polydor S 1276
     LP Nightflight nightsight					 Polydor 236169
1969 Frank Mills/Looking for that land part 2			 Polydor S 1302
     If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium/In the corner of my life
								 Polydor S 1319
1970 LP The beauty of Bojoura					      CBS 64199
1971 Black sheep child/Comes a time				       CBS 7005
     Everything's alright/I don't know how to love him		       CBS 7008
     Once upon a time/For all we know				       CBS 7266
1972 Allentown jail/Talking in your sleep			       CBS 7745
     All good gifts/By my side/Day by day [met Buffoons]	       CBS 8176
     LP De beste van Bojoura					      CBS 53025
1973 What is love/Another day					       CBS 1769
     LP Jesus Christ Superstar/Godspell-Greatest hits		      CBS 53363
1974 The letter/Joe						       CBS 2030
     Thank you for calling/No ceas triste			       CBS 2351
1977 Butterfly/Another hall another suitcase			 Red Nose RNS 3
1980 Hard times/Living together				       EMI 1A 006-26444

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