George Baker (born Hans Bouwens) is the founder of George Baker Selection, a Volendam outfit which, in the 1970s, became one of the very few Dutch groups to became world famous, probably by moving to a more middle-of-the-road Dutch folk-tinged pop repertoire. Their line-up in 1967, then still called Soul Invention, featured: Hans Bouwens (v, g, p, o, fl), Eric Bardoen (s), Job Netten (g, later to Instant People and Lucifer), Henk Kramer (s), Ton Vredenburg (dr), Jan Visser (b), Sjaak Greuter (v, o, fl, acc).

1969 brought the group's first breakthrough hit (see chart information below), "Little Green Bag", and the story of George Baker Selection really began.  In 1970, the line-up featured: Hans, Jan, Sjaak, Jan Hop (dr, ex-Kiss Kiss) George The (v, g, b).  A year later, Jan Visser went to Fisher & Friends, and was replaced by Cor Veerman (ex-Left Side).

In the years 1974-1978 (until George decided to go solo), the line-up remained: Hans, Jan Hop, Sjaak, George, Lydia Bont aka Lida Bond (v, ex-Q-Tips) Martin Schoen (b, ex-Rob Hoeke).


1969 Little green bag/Pretty little dreamer			  Negram NG 159
1970 Dear Ann/Fly							    166
     Midnight/Sunday lover						    190
     Over and over/Cindy						    207
     LP All the love in the world				       NELP 083
     LP Little green bag (also: US Colossus)		               NELS 551
1971 Nathalie/Jesus told us						 NG 228
     Tonight/Susanna							    242
     Mamma oh mamma/1954						    259
     LP George Baker Selection					       NELS 558
     LP Now							       NQ 20046
1972 Holy day/Where is my baby tonight					 NG 273
     I'm on my way/Mademoiselle						    289
     Marie Jeanna/Halleluhah						    307
     The prisoner/Little green bag/Dear Ann				    304
     LP Greatest hits							ELS 939
1973 Morning light/Blue eyes						 NG 339
     Drink drink drink/Down by the riverside				    367
     Baby blue/Melodie d'amour						    386
     LP Greatest hits vol.2						ELS 972
1974 Fly away little paraguayo/We'll make it right someday		 NG 419
     Canta libre/We'll make it right someday				    420
     Sing a song of love/I've been away too long			    458
     LP Hot Baker							  NY 14
     LP Vijf jaar hits							ELD 987
     LP Greatest hits vol.2					       SPLO 111
1975 Una paloma blamca/Dream boat					 NG 496
     Morning sky/Don't forget me					   2053
     Interview met Hans Mondt/met Lex Harding				   2058
     LP Una paloma blanca						 NG 106
     LP A song for you							 NK 201
1976 Wild bird/If you understand					NG 2123
     Manana mi amor/As long as the sun will shine			   2165
     LP River song							 NK 205
1977 Beautiful rose/Jimmy						NG 2227
     Marja								   2254
     LP Summer melody							   NN 1
     LP The best of Baker						   NX 3
1978 LP In Your Heart (as George Baker)
1979 LP Sing for a Day (as George Baker)
1980 LP Wild Flower (as George Baker)
1982 LP Winds of Time (as George Baker)
1983 LP Paradise Island
1985 LP Santa Lucia By Night (Jupiter, re-released in 1988 on CD by
        Castle as "Castle Masters Collection")
1987 LP Viva America
1988 LP Dreamboat
1991 LP Love in your heart (as George Baker) 

Many differing foreign records exist. Some examples are:
1969 Bolsita verde/Linda pequena sonodora  (Spanish)		 Hispavox H 597
1972 Marie Jeanne/Mademoiselle		   (USA)	      Reprise REP 14223
1975 Baby blue/Morning sky		   (USA)	    Warner Bros WB 8207

Dutch singles chart info:

[25-10-1969]^9*11	LITTLE GREEN BAG   george baker selection
[14-02-1970]^2*14	DEAR ANN   george baker selection
[18-07-1970]^12*10	MIDNIGHT   george baker selection
[07-11-1970]^7*11	OVER AND OVER   george baker selection
[20-03-1971]^11*8	NATHALIE   george baker selection
[17-07-1971]^14*7	TONIGHT   george baker selection
[20-11-1971]^9*9	MAMA OH MAMA   george baker selection
[11-03-1972]^10*6	HOLY DAY   george baker selection
[19-08-1972]^7*10	I'M ON MY WAY   george baker selection
[09-12-1972]^9*10	MARIE-JEANNE   george baker selection
[19-05-1973]^20*6	MORNING LIGHT   george baker selection
[15-09-1973]^18*6	DRINK DRINK DRINK   george baker selection
[12-01-1974]^8*7	BABY BLUE   george baker selection
[18-05-1974]^2*14	(FLY AWAY) LITTLE PARAGUAYO   george baker selection
[26-10-1974]^1*12	SING A SONG OF LOVE   george baker selection
[22-03-1975]^1*14	PALOMA BLANCA   george baker selection
[25-10-1975]^1*10	MORNING SKY   george baker selection
[07-08-1976]^3*10	WILD BIRD   george baker selection
[27-11-1976]^5*8	MANANA (MI AMOR)   george baker selection
[14-05-1977]^3*11	BEAUTIFUL ROSE   george baker selection
[06-08-1977]^11*7	MARJA   george baker selection
[25-03-1978]^7*10	ROSITA   george baker
[19-05-1979]^10*9	SING FOR THE DAY   george baker
[08-09-1979]^33*4	OH MAGDALENA   george baker
[26-07-1980]^22*6	NINO DEL SOL   george baker
[01-11-1980]^13*8	ALL MY LOVE   george baker
[24-01-1981] tip	YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE   george baker
[09-01-1982]^36*3	LOVE IS THE SWEETEST ROSE   george baker
[08-05-1982] tip	PAPILLON   george baker
[20-11-1982]^23*4	WHEN WE'RE DANCING   george baker selection
[26-02-1983]^19*5	THE WIND   george baker selection
[06-07-1985]^7*13	SANTA LUCIA BY NIGHT   george baker selection
[02-11-1985]^30*4	MANOLITO   george baker selection
[22-02-1986] tip	WHEN YOU LEARN TO FLY   george baker selection
[27-06-1987]^25*6	VIVA AMERICA   george baker selection
[24-10-1987]^37*3	BELLA MARIA   george baker selection
[18-06-1988] tip	MARIE-JULIE   george baker selection
[24-09-1988] tip	QUE VIVA SUMMER HOLIDAY   george baker selection
[15-06-1991] tip	LOVE IN YOUR HEART   george baker selection

Dutch album chart info:

[09-01-1971]^38*2M	LOVE IN THE WORLD   george baker selection   negram
[03-08-1974]^2*21	HOT BAKER   george baker selection   negram
[07-12-1974]^3*14	5 JAAR HITS   george baker selection   negram
[26-04-1975]^1*42	PALOMA BLANCA   george baker selection   negram
[06-12-1975]^1*26	A SONG FOR YOU   george baker selection   negram
[11-09-1976]^2*18	RIVER SONG   george baker selection   negram
[02-07-1977]^3*16	SUMMER MELODY   george baker selection   negram
[10-12-1977]^13*11	THE BEST OF BAKER   george baker selection   negram
[06-05-1978]^13*12	IN YOUR HEART   george baker   bovema/negram
[07-07-1979]^22*11	SING FOR THE DAY   george baker   bovema/negram
[15-11-1980]^20*9	WILD FLOWER   george baker   emi
[21-03-1981]^21*9	DE GROOTSTE HITS   george baker   emi
[06-02-1982]^28*8	THE WINDS OF TIME   george baker   ariola
[09-04-1983]^23*8	PARADISE ISLAND   george baker selection   dureco
[21-09-1985]^13*15	SANTA LUCIA BY NIGHT   george baker selection   cnr
[15-11-1986]^20*11	HET COMPLETE HITOVERZICHT george baker selection
[25-07-1987]^16*12	VIVA AMERICA   george baker   red bullet
[16-07-1988]^25*14	DREAMBOAT   george baker   dino
[04-05-1991]^86*4	LOVE IN YOUR HEART   george baker   rca

US singles chart info:

[21-03-1970]^21*13	LITTLE GREEN BAG george baker selection Colossus 
[20-06-1970]^93*2	DEAR ANN   george baker selection	Colossus 
[29-11-1975]^26*15	PALOMA BLANCA   george baker selection	Warner

Submitted by: Adri Verhoef (


The GBS had at least three hits in the german top 10 singles charts:
- Morning Sky:  stayed 17 weeks, peaked to #2
- Wild Bird: stayed 3 weeks, peaked to #7
- Paloma Blanca: stayed 23 weeks, 13 of them on number one!!!

In 1989 they released the album "Save all your Love Songs" (the uppercase letters were written exactly that way) on the Austrian record label "Koch International". The ordering number is 122 278 E.

A few songs of it were played on the radio, "Save all your Love Songs" was shown twice on TV, but overall, it was not a very succesful album.

George Baker himself released in 1977 an album, where only the german versions of his hits were on it. The album was called "Solang' die Sonne scheint" and was released on Warner. Ordering no: 56 382

In 1991 (I think), G.B. started a solo carrear, with at least one minor hit: "Marie Luisa". But since that time, one didn't hear anything more of him.

Submitted by: Christoph Lorenz,
George Baker Correspondence all over the world: Howard Hopkins,
You can also address your GBS and Nederpop-related questions to a Dutch fan: Eric Van Gorkom,


Jan Hop was a member of Kiss Kiss, later drummer of the George Baker Selection.

1969	A lover is here/A lovely day for fishing Decca AT 10384
	Follow the road/You're living easy Decca AT 10410
Dutch charts:
21-6-69	SINGLE  tip     A LOVER IS HERE

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