Promotional shot from Phonogram, early 1969
L-R: Paul van Melzen, Bobby Green, Sieb Warner, Leo Bennink, Rudy Bennett

The Motions from The Hague were one of the bigger groups of the 1960s Dutch beat explosion. They were formed in 1964 from the remnants of Ritchie Clark and the Ricochets and went on to become hitmakers for the next several years. The Walker Brothers even recorded "My Love Is Growing", a song The Motions' Robbie van Leeuwen had written (the Motions had recorded it as a flipside to "Why Don't You Take It") and the Walkers' manager John Stewart produced The Motions' second LP, "In Their Own Way". The single, "Freedom", reached the lower regions of the American charts in 1969. This song was sampled in the 1990s by Japanese band Tokyo No.1 Soul Set on their track "Sunday". Although the group disbanded in 1971, the most important members have met each other again & again in new bands such as Crossroad, Greenhorn, Jupiter and Galaxy Lin.

From 1964 to 1967, the line-up was stable: Rudy Bennett (i.r.l. Ruud van de Berg - vocals, earlier as Ritchie Clark and the Ricochets), Robbie van Leeuwen (guitar, ex-Atmospheres & Ricochets, later the founder of both Shocking Blue and Galaxy Lin), Henk Smitskamp (bass, ex-Willy & Giants, later to Livin' Blues) & Sieb Warner (i.r.l. Siebolt Warntjes - drums, ex-Ricochets, later to Golden Earring). This line-up had a string of hits in The Netherlands during 1965 and 1966 with singles like "Wasted Words" and "It's The Same Old Song". Their first album, "Introduction To The Motions", is considered one of the best albums of the era.

Early 1967, Robbie left to form Shocking Blue and was replaced by Gerard Romeyn (ex-Tee-Set, later with Nico Haak, Image). Late 1967, Henk Smitskamp was ousted in favour of Leo Bennink (ex-Mack and Jay-Jays). A fifth member was found in multi-instrumentalist Jan Vennik (sax, flute & organ, also ex-Jay-Jays, later to Rob Hoeke & Ekseption). When in mid-1968 Gerard Romeyn and Jan Vennik were busted for posession of marijuana and incarcerated, the band took in Paul van Melzen (ex-Haigs, later in the Mailer McKenzie Band) on bass and Bobby Green, (i.r.l. Bob van der Vaart - organ, ex-Bobby Green Selection, also to Fisher & Friends). Bennink switched to guitar. This line up recorded the album "Electric Baby" for Decca in 1969. The band then suffered another setback by the departure of drummer Sieb Warner to rivals Golden Earring (who'd by then just dropped the 's' off Earrings). His replacement was Han Cooper (i.r.l. Han Gordinou de Gouberville). The last line-up of the group (up until 1971) was: Rudy, Leo, Paul, Bobby and Han. They did a few gigs in England and went on a trip to the USA (only playing at The Scene Club in New York), but international success eluded them. They recorded one more album for the Simogram label of supermarket chain Simon de Wit, but split up soon afterwards.

After the breakup, Rudy Bennett, Bobby Green and Gerard Romeyn all released solo singles. Bennett later joined Robbie van Leeuwen in Galaxy Lin. In 1992, The Motions did a one-off reunion gig for Veronica television with the original line-up, joined by Leo Bennink on guitar and keyboards. Rudy Bennett regularly does Golden Oldies gigs with pick-up bands under the moniker of The Motions, often including Leo Bennink. Henk Smitskamp still plays with Willy & his Giants.

1964 It's gone/I've got misery				Havoc SH 105
1965 You bother me/We fell in love			Havoc SH 107
     For another man/I've waited so long		Havoc SH 108
     Love won't stop/No matter where you run		Havoc SH 110
     Wasted words/I'll follow the sun			Havoc SH 111
     EP I've waited so long/It's gone/For another man/
     I've got misery [French EP]			Vogue INT 18017
     LP Introduction to the Motions			Havoc HJH 2
1966 Everything that's mine/There's no place to hide	Havoc SH 114
     Why don't you take it/My love is growing		Havoc SH 116
     Every step I take/Stop your crying			Havoc SH 121
     The same old song/Someday child			Havoc SH 122
     EP Wasted words/I'll follow the sun/
     There's no place to hide/Everything that's mine
     [French EP]					Vogue INT 18069
     EP Every step I take/Hard time blues/
     Stop your crying/Everything that's mine
     [French EP]					Vogue INT 18097
     LP Their own way					Havoc IHLP 2
1967 I want you I need you/Suzy baby			Havoc SH 130
     Wonderful impressions/Nellie the horse		Havoc SH 137
     Nellie the horse/Make it legal			and Havoc SH 137
     Tonight will be stoned/One million red balloons	Havoc SH 139
     LP Greatest hits					Havoc HJH 136
     LP Songbook					Teenbeat APLP 101
1968 You're my adee/Hey conductor man			Havoc SH 142
     Take your time/Make it legal			Havoc SH 146
     I'm so proud/Rainbow [a-side Rudy Bennett]		Decca AT 15091
     I'm so proud/You're me adee [a-side Rudy Bennett]	and Decca AT 15091
     Miracle man/Something				Decca AT 10327
     I ain't got time/Fantasy club			Decca AT 10337
     What's your name/Little boy's life/Illusion	Decca AT 10358
     Take the fast train/Hamburg city			Decca AT 10361
     LP Live						Marble Arch MALH 201
     LP Impressions of wonderful			Havoc HALP 021
1969 It's alright/Hey everybody				Decca AT 10374
     Freedom/Little boy's life/What's your name		Decca AT 10382
     Eliza/Wedding of the hundred brides		Decca AT 10396
     I can't help it/Look away				Decca AT 10405
     Take the fast train/Hamburg city [re]		Negram NG 193
     LP Electric baby					Decca NU 370023
1970 Try to make you happy/We all come together		Negram NG 195
1971 LP Sensation					Simogram 00502
1972 Wasted words/The same old song/My love is growing	Negram NG 292
1973 LP Terug in de tijd				Negram HJN 205
1979 LP Golden greats					Negram 5C 028-26153
1981 Wasted words/The same old song			Negram 5C 006-26700


The Ricochets on 8 August 1964 opening for The Rolling Stones at the Kurhaus, Scheveningen, with Sieb Warner on drums and Robbie van Leeuwen, second from left

A beat group from The Hague whose main claim to fame was that they opened the show for The Rolling Stones on 8 August 1964 at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen - only to find the concert hall smashed to smithereens about one hour after their performance (the Stones played for about 20 minutes before the police ended the concert). Ritchie was i.r.l. Rudy Bennett. The group was formed in 1963, featuring members: Rudy Bennett (v), Hans Emmerik (g, in 1964 replaced by Robbie van Leeuwen), Hans Hoogduin (b), Ton Lamet (g) and Gerard Melkert (dr, replaced by Sieb Warner). They released two singles, one vocal and one instrumental, as the Ricochets. Rudy, Sieb and Robbie found success in 1965 with the Motions.

1963	Ecstacy/Ever since you said goodbye Max Mackintosh Productions MMP 1014
	The Honeymoon song/Spring time Max Mackintosh Productions MMP 1016 (Ricochets instrumental)


In 1970, the Motions were renamed into Crossroad.  A year later, just one single, the group fell apart.  Featured members: Rudy Bennett (v, to Jupiter), Leo Bennink (g, to Fisher & Friends), Bobby Green (o, p, to Fisher & Friends) & Han Cooper (dr, to Fisher & Friends).

1970 Watch it all the rain keeps falling/Dream world    Negram NG 211


Bassist Jan Visser (ex-George Baker) started his own group in 1971 featuring ex-members of the Motions: Bobby Green (organ, piano), Han de Couberville (drums) & Leo Bennink (guitar).  From late 1971 until breakup several months later, in 1972, they called themselves Greenhorn.

1971 Island of hope/Sometimes I'm crying        Negram NG 234
     Father/Ticket to nowhere        		258
1973 Holadijee/ 				315


The most important names featured in the swinging Bobby Green Selection, an up and coming band from from The Hague were organist Bobby Green & drummer Han Cooper (Couberville).  When the group disbanded in 1969, they went to the Motions.  The recordings made after 1969 are solo records by Bobby. In 1977, the Selection reunited for a short spell.

1967 The game of love/Everybody got a soul      Decca AT  10289
1968 What's that sound/I never saw the love so clear      10328
     It's allright/I'll never do it again       ?
1971 Look at love/Movin' and groovin'                   6100030
1977 Lady Maria/I wanna be loved        	Philips 6012693


Continuation of Fisher & Friends: Leo Bennink (guitar; in 1972 to Beehive), Bobby Green (vocals, organ & piano; re-starts his Selection in 1977), Han Copperfield (Cooper, Couberville) (drums; at the end of 1971 to Jupiter) & Jan Visser (bas; in 1972 to Beehive). The group existed in 1971-1972.

1972 Pappi de doo/Play the rhythm       Decca 6100067


Featured line-up 1972: Chiel Pos (v, g, vi, s, fl) Leo Bennink (g, ex-Greenhorn) Paul van Wageningen (dr, ex-Groep 1850 & Ritmo Naturel, later to Sight) Huub Verstrate (b, ex-Mack). The line-up in 1973/74: Chiel, Leo, Eric Tagg (v, p), Nappy Noya (perc), Jan Visser (b, ex-Greenhorn, to Alquin) and Paul van Wageningen (dr).  Guus Willemse from Solution played along for a short while, then formed Entire Choir with Chiel in 1974.

1973 Music is music/Open up     	     Pink Elephant PE 22790

GROEP 1850

(see separate entry for Groep 1850)


Pop-rock group from The Hague; line-up in 1971 - 1974: Rudy Bennett (vocals; ex-Crossroad, to Galaxy Lin), Wil Klumpers (bass; in 1972 replaced by Bas van der Poll), Peter Seilberger (keyboards; ex-Big Wheel), Martin van Wijk (guitar; ex-Fairy Tale, to Shocking Blue) & Han Copperfield (drums; ex-Greenhorn).

1971 Paper trees/Come little girl       Philips 6012142
     On my two-wheeler/      			6012174
1972 Showdown/You better believe in me  	6012240


The Ricochets from The Hague were the forerunners of the Motions. The band was founded in
1963 and consisted of Rudy Bennett (v, under the name of Ritchie Clark), Hans Emmerik (g, in 1964 replaced by Robbie van Leeuwen, ex-Atmospheres), Hans Hoogduin (b), Ton Lamet (g, in 1964 replaced by Kid van Ettinger, later in Incrowd) and Gerard Melkert (dr, in 1964 replaced by Sieb Warner, ex-Willy & Giants).  In 1965, Rudy, Sieb and Robbie went on to the Motions.

1963	Ecstacy/Ever since you said goodbye [as Ritchie Clark & Ricochets] MMP 1014
1964	Honeymoon song/Springtime [instrumentaal] MMP 1015
	Whiskey doodle/Gee whizz it's you [demo] Lumirex


An interesting jazz-rock outfit that used mandolin as their main instrument, instead of guitar.  The group was launched in 1974 by Robbie van Leeuwen (vocals, mandoline; ex-Shocking Blue) and existed for two years.  Other featured members: Rudy Bennett (vocals, ex-Jupiter), Dick Remelink (sax & flute; ex-Ekseption, in 1976 to Trace), Hugo van Haastert (mandoline; left the group temporarily in 1975 to work with his own band, Triad, but returned soon thereafter; his replacement was Hans van Vos, ex-Lemming), Peter Wassenaar (bass, ex-Blue Planet) & Peter Rijnvis (drums).  In 1975, Skip van Rooy (organ, piano) was leading the group for a short while, but he left for the Buffoons.

1974	Travelling song/Utopia     		Polydor 2050333
	LP Galaxy Lin   			2925025
1975	Long hot summer/Fool       		2050364
	The hunting song/Don't  		2050381
	G					2925037


Ex-member of Galaxy Lin. Prior to that group, he had already been playing with the Bluebirds (1964), Shart (1966), Susie Q (1967), Talisman (1971) and solo as Hugh McHaze (1972).

1977	Frankfurt Main/Hör endlich auf zu träumen Hansa AT 17656
1979	I see a light/Can't keep it in Polydor 2050562

Dutch charts:
30-6-79 SINGLE tip I SEE A LIGHT 


1966 How can we hang on to a dream/Reason to believe	Havoc SH 124
1967 Amy/Good night sleep tight				Havoc SH 129
1968 I'm so proud/Rainbow [b-side Motions]		Decca AT 15091
1973 Wheel of life/To run away				Polydor 2050258
1981 How can we hang on to a dream/Amy			EMI 5C 006-26693


1972 Give me love/Too hot to handle			Polydor 2050146


1969 LP							Decca XBY 846512

Dutch chart info:

Rudy Bennett
    14-1-67     SINGLE  5   10  HOW CAN WE HANG ON TO A DREAM
    27-5-67     SINGLE  22  5   AMY
    10-2-68     SINGLE  24  5   I'M SO PROUD
    19-5-73     SINGLE  tip     THE WHEEL OF LIFE

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