Supersister from The Hague started out in 1968 under the name of Sweet O.K. Supersister.  Line-up: Robert Jan Stips (vocals, keyboards), Ron van Eck (bass, guitar), Marco Vrolijk (drums, vocals) and Sacha van Geest (vocals, flute).

In 1973, the latter two were replaced by, respectively, Herman van Boeyen (ex-Livin' Blues) and American Charlie Mariano (brass, very active in the jazz, e.g. in Ambush and Embryo).   In 1974, the group broke apart; in their last days they played with: John Schuursma (guitar, ex-Brainbox, to Third Eye), Rob Kruisman (sax, flute, ex-Bintangs, to Carlsberg) and Englishman Elton Dean (sax, ex-Soft Machine and Just Us, later in the re-born Georgie Fame & Blue Flames).

Robert Jan went to Golden Earring; Ron to Stamp 'n Go; Marco to CCC, Herman to Red White & Blue; Charlie to Porkpie.

1970 She was naked/Spiral staircase				Blossom 2103002
     Fancy Nancy/Gonna take easy				Polydor 2050048
     LP Present from Nancy					Polydor 2441016
1971 A girl named you/Missing link				Polydor 2050090
     No tree will grow/The groupies of the band			Polydor 2050141
     No tree will grow/A girl named you				Polydor 2001252
     LP To the highest bidder					Polydor 2925002
1972 Radio/Dead dog						Polydor 2050182
     LP Pudding en gisteren					Polydor 2925007
     LP Pudding and yesterday [in Duitsland]			Polydor 2310205
     LP Superstarshine vol. 3					Polydor 2419039
1973 Europe on 5, 10 or 20 dollars a day/part 2			Polydor 2050232
     Wow/Drs. Dee						Polydor 2050244
     Bagoas/Memories are new					Polydor 2050272
     LP Iskander						Polydor 2925021
1974 LP Startrack 1						Polydor 2491002
     LP Spiral staircase					Polydor 2441048
1975 Coconut woman/Here comes the doctor
[Sweet O.K. Supersister & Los Alegres]				Polydor 2050369
1977 LP Pudding en gisteren [re]				Polydor 2419058
     LP Present from Nancy [re]					Polydor 2419061
1979 LP To the highest bidder [re]				Polydor 2485133
     LP Iskander [re]						Polydor 2485134

Dutch charts:

30-5-70     SINGLE  11  7   SHE WAS NAKED
27-2-71     SINGLE  tip     A GIRL NAMED YOU
27-5-72     SINGLE  21  5   RADIO
17-6-72     ALBUM   11  4   PUDDING EN GISTEREN  [Album v/d week @ 10-6-72]
6-10-73     SINGLE  tip     BAGOAS

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