Amsterdam supergroup, founded in 1968. First line-up: Kaz Lux, (v, ex-Screamers, Rhythm Brothers, Sheridans, Impulse, Bibs, Truth) Jan Akkerman (g,o, ex-Hunters, to Focus) Andre Reynen (b, to Minisink Townhouse and Twelve O'Clock) Pierre van der Linden (dr, ex-After Tea, to Focus).

Cast 1970: Kaz, John Schuursma (g, ex-Rob Hoeke) Rudy de Queljoe (g, ex-Dragonfly, (with John) replacing Akkerman, after Herman Meyer did also try that for a short time in 1969, ex-Full House) Frans Smit (dr, replaced stand-in Shel Schellekens, ex-Big Wheel, he himself came from September) and Andre. In 1971 Michel van Dijk (ex-Amsterdam) replaced Kaz and two new guitarists appeared: Tony de Queljoe (ex-Dragonfly) and Ron Meyes (ex-Temple). Bassist became Robert Verwey (ex-Amsterdam, to Long Tall Ernie) and Frans stayed on drums. In 1972 the group fell apart due to waning success.

1969 	Down man/Woman's gone      		Imperial IH 844
	Sea of delight/Amsterdam the first days 5C 006-24027
	Summertime/Dark rose    		24076
1970 	To you/So helpless 			24135
	Between alpha and omega/Cruel train     24217
	Doomsday train/Good morning day 	24238
	Smile/The flight        		24258
	LP Brainbox     			054-24082
1971 	Virgin/Mobilae     			006-24414
	Dilemma/If you could only feel it       24454
	LP The best of Brainbox 		054-24327
1972 	A part of me is a part of you/When I was poor      
	Downman/Summertime/Dark rose    	24635
	2LP To you      			180-24568/9
	LP Parts        			Harvest 5C 056-24551


[1-3-1969]:37-15-13-14-21-32-29-32      	DOWN MAN brainbox
[17-5-1969]:39-30-32-38 			SEA OF DELIGHT brainbox
[18-10-1969]:39-28-17-16-17-21-24-29 		SUMMERTIME / DARK ROSE brainbox
[21-3-1970]:32-24-19-20-37 TO 			YOU brainbox
[3-10-1970]:31-20-16-18-28-40 			DOOMSDAY TRAIN brainbox
[19-12-1970]:34-20-17-15-16-17-27-38 		SMILE brainbox 
[3-7-1971]:30-27-20-21				VIRGIN brainbox


Oosterhout singer, ex-Screamers (1961), Rhythm Brothers, Sheridans, Impulse, Bibs, and Brainbox (1968-71). Performed with several bands, in which a.o. John Schuursma (guitar), Andre Reynen (bass) and many other Brainbox members.

1972 	Brown chrystal/Carry me back to my abode   	Harvest 5C 006-24628
	LP C.S. 						5C 056-24561
1973 	I'm the worst partner I know/The twentiest last letter  5C 006-24694
	Back to the egg/Miss Franklin blues     		5C 006-24821
	LP I'm the worst partner I know 			5C 056-24778
1974 	LP Monk    						5C 062-25117
1976 	LP I'm the worst partner I know (re)       		5C 038-24778
	LP Eli (w/Jan Akkerman)       		 	Atlantic ATLN  50320
1978 	Tell me doctor/Lovin' you			Asylum   ASN   13125
	It's allright girl/Met a sinner			Asylum   ASN   13134
	LP Distance					Asylum   ASN   53080
	(re)LP Monk				Bovema-Negram 	5C 038-25117
1979 	Rolling/Blind man Willy					  CNR 141568
	LP Luxury						  CNR 655095
	LP A voice				Bovema-Negram 	5C 050-26204
1980	Hangover/Blisters					  CNR 141595
	Rock & roll widow/Grandpa				  CNR 141663
	LP Transparental [w/Jan Akkerman]		       Ariola 203043
1982 	LP Dialogue [w/John Schuursma]			      [eigen beheer]


[3-11-1979]:39-33-36 	ROLLING 	kaz lux


Jan Akkerman is easily the most influential guitarist to have ever come out of Holland.  He's been this country's favourite number one guitarist, according to the Dutch popularity polls, for many years now, and is also the only guitarist to achieve such fame and acclaim abroad.

In the early seventies, Akkerman was awarded by the UK pop publication, Melody Maker, as the "Best guitarist in the world"!  Akkerman has a characteristic style, comprised of several components. The most important ones are rock'n'roll and classical music.  But he is also the one who introduced the swelling violin-like sound in his compositions as a viable part of a song.  This technique was later emulated by many guitarists.  Besides the electric guitar, he also plays classical guitar, lute and piano (on occasion).

Jan Akkerman, born in Jordaan, Amsterdam, started learning guitar at the age of 5.  As a teenager, he played in several local bands, Johnny And His Cellar Rockers being the most well-known of the lot.  This band also featured the young Pierre van der Linden (later in Focus, Trace).  The Hunters was the first group which brought Akkerman success outside Amsterdam.  His virtuoso guitar lick in their hit single, "Russian spy and I" brought him instant recognition all over Holland.  At about this time, aged 18, he recorded his first album, "Talent for sale".  This album mainly consists of covers of famous R&B and rock'n'roll hits such as "What'd I say", "Green Onions" and "Mercy Mercy".

In 1969 Jan founded Brainbox, but left it only after three hit singles.  

The following year, he joined Focus.  It was with this band that he bedazzled stunned audiences in England and the U.S. with his magnificent style of guitar playing, as well as songwriting; Jan penned this group's most famous hits, such as "Hocus Pocus" and "House of the King".  Aided by fellow band mates Bert Ruiter and Pierre van der Linden, he recorded his second solo album, "Profile".  Side One of the album contains just one composition, "Fresh Air".  On this track, he demonstrates his fabulous guitar technique in its full glory.  On Side Two he played lute and classical guitar.  In 1973, Jan recorded yet another solo album, "Tabernakel", produced and arranged by George Flynn.  Additional musicians on this album included Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice.  On "Tabernakel", Jan showcased many facets of his talent, however, this record is somewhat bombastic in places.

Following some wrangles with band mates in Focus, and a fallout with Thijs van Leer due to musical differences, Jan left Focus in 1976, to start a solo career.  In 1976 he recorded his fourth solo album "Eli" together with Kaz Lux, ex-Brainbox.  This album was greeted warmly by critics, got into the charts and stayed there for many weeks to come. Akkerman hardly played any solos on this one, but he did create beautiful melodies.  The tour of the Akkerman/Lux band, however, didn't turn out to be quite as successful.  Some gigs in the UK were cancelled as a result.  Akkerman then switched to session work.  In 1977, he played on the orchestral version of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" together with the Residentieorkest.  "Jan Akkerman" and "Aranjuez" were his further solo efforts in a similar, orchestral, vein, arranged by Michael Gibbs and Claus Ogerman, respectively.  The follow-up, "Live", recorded at the jazz festival in Montreaux, was a rather disappointing effort.  From "Aranjuez" onwards, Akkerman suffered from lack of direction.  On "Jan Akkerman 3" he experimented with funk-flavoured easy-listening.  The production costs of this album were very high, the sales - too low.  It was no surprise then, when Atlantic terminated his contract in 1980.  The following album, "Transparental", was recorded for a new label by almost the same line-up as the best-seller "Eli".  This, second album with Kaz Lux, was sadly not only not distinguished by the quality of the first one, but also turned out to be a complete commercial disaster.  In 1981, many of Jan's fans were unpleasantly surprised by "Oil In The Family", a disco album containing instrumental, Middle Eastern-flavoured tunes.  Almost all instruments were played by Akkerman.  The common consensus was that had sold out. This album was selling badly, just like its successor, "Pleasure Point", a predictable effort with hardly anything new to offer.

Due to the lack of interest, Akkerman signed a new contract with the Deutsche Grammophone Gesellschaft and recorded "It Could Happen To You".  This album, recorded in Copenhagen, was made mostly with the help of Danish musicians. On it, in places, Akkerman reached the same quality level of material, which he had been renowned for a few years back. It turned out to be his best album in years.  Since 1977, Akkerman has not played in any band, nor has he had any stable line up of assisting musicians.  He usually prefers to play with temporary formations comprised of hired session musicians, in Holland and Germany.  On the recent compilation, called "Phenomenon", Jan decided to resurrect his old hit from the Hunters days, "Russian Spy and I".


Talent for sale
Jan Akkerman
Jan Akkerman 3
Oil in the family
Pleasure point
It could happen to you
Puccini's Cafe
Blues Hearts
Focus In Time
10.000 Clowns On A Rainy Day

Combined singles - albums discography

1968 	LP Talent for sale		Imperial SALI 8012
	LP Talent for sale (re)		MFP SMPP 5036
1972 	LP Profile			Harvest 5C 056-24707
					or SIRE SAS-7407
1973 	LP Talent for sale (re)		Emidisc 5C 048-51105
	LP Tabernakel			Atlantic ATL 40522
					   or ATCO SD 7032
					Harvest 5C 006-24826
1974 	House of the king/Javeh		Atlantic ATL 10427
1976 	LP Guitar for sale 		Sounds Superb SPR 8050
	(re. of Talent for sale)	or  EMIDISC 048-51105
	LP Profile (re)			EMI 5C 030-24707
	LP Eli				Atlantic ATLN 50320
	(with Kaz Lux)
1977 	LP Jan Akkerman			Atlantic 50420 
					or Atlantic SD 19159
	(with Tony Scott) LP Prism	Polydor 2925060
1978	LP Live 			Atlantic K50560
1978	LP Aranjuez			CBS 81843
1979	LP 3				Atlantic K50664
1980 	LP Transparental		Polydor 2417 141
1981	LP Oil In The Family		CNR 0060.480
1982	LP It Could Happen To You	Polydor 2374 210
1982	LP Pleasure Point		WEA 58441
1983	LP Can't Stand Noise		Metronome 815 715 -1 ME
1984	LP From The Basement		CBS 26094
1985	LP Focus			Metronome 824 783-1ME
	(Jan Akkerman & Thijs Van Leer)
1990	CD The Noise Of Art		IRS NO SPEAK EIRSACD 1026


1973			Blue boy/Minstrel farmer's dance
[02-03-1974]^17*5	HOUSE OF THE KING jan akkerman


Jan Akkerman (g, ex-Friendships and Shakin' Hearts) began his recording career in the Amsterdam-based rock'n'roll group The Cellarrockers.  The group also accompanied, a.o., Aart Brouwer and Karin Kent.  Before 1963, their records featured only instrumentals, after - material inspired by The Beatles.  Line-up: Pierre van der Linden (dr, in 1963 to The Mystics and replaced by Sidney Wachtel, to The Hunters), Cor Engelsma (b), Jan Burgers (g), Cor Burgers (g, since 1962) and Hans Kuyt (p).  In 1965, Jan Akkerman joined The Hunters, and the group fell apart.

1961	Melody in F rock/Exodus Decca FM 264399
	Hits in rock nr.1 (Non je ne regrette rien/Surrender/Tommy uit Tennessee/
	/Wheels/Pepe/Are you sure) Decca FM 264400
1962	Blue tango/Una aventura mas Decca FM 264478
	Namrekka/Bonzo Decca FM 264479
	EP (Blue tango/Una aventura mas/Namrekka/Bonzo) Decca V 63119
1963	Close your eyes/Bebopalula Decca AT 10049
1964	I love you yes I do/Why [Duitsland: DL 25174] Decca AT 10106

Dutch charts:

Jun 1964 CLOSE YOUR EYES (ALL MY LOVING) HP 14, 1 month 


Jazz-rock studio guitarist; one of the substitutes for Jan Akkerman in Focus, since 1977.

1977 LP Blue capricorn			CBS 81727

[see also Focus, Otger Dice]

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