These guys from Amsterdam struck a big hit in one try with a song in Dutch. They dressed in op-art clothes, just like The Who, e.g. in shirts with traffic-signs printed on them. After a few small hits, they switched to R&B, inspired by the then upcoming soul-rage. They were covered on the frontpage of every newspaper, when they rode onto the Dam with a big painted bedstead on wheels at rush-hour, to promote their first record, and created a nice mess when the crowd accummulated. After ten minutes, the police arrived to surround the disturbers of peace, but with this stunt, the group got enough publicity, which was their intention in the first place. In October 1965, Bob Bouber (of ZZ and the Maskers fame) launched Het, after having had a good listen, for many months, to a vast number of beat groups from Amsterdam. He selected the most talented members and that's how Het came into being: Jacques Zwart (v,g, ex-Mads, later to Pocomania), Adri de Hont (g, ex-Mads, to Maskers), Pim van der Linden (b, also to Pocomania) and drummer Jack van Heyningen, who was replaced by Dennis Witbraat (ex-Mads and later to Pocomania) quite quick.

1965 Ik heb geen zin om op te staan/Alleen op het kerkhof     Philips JF 327932
Ik heb geen zin om op te staan/Alleen op het kerkhof Fontana YF 278115
1966 Kejje nagaan/Spat niet met pap Fontana YF 278123
She'll stay/I got you Fontana YF 278133
EP Ik heb geen zin om op te staan/Alleen op het kerkhof/Kejje nagaan/
/Spat niet met pap Fontana TE 463318
1967 S.O.S./I call you bluff Fontana YF 278146
1976 Ik heb geen zin om op te staan/Kejje nagaan Philips 6012599


The Maskers from Amsterdam came together in 1962, formed by ex-members of the Apron Strings. Under guidance of Z.Z. (Bob Bouber, real name Boris Blom) they began a Screaming Lord Sutch-like act with masks, gruesome noises and a light-show, that brought more darkness than light. In that early period, Trix Boelen (to Trix & Paramounts) also sang, as did Z.Z. Bob Bouber had been an actor and founded the "Akademie voor Kleinkunst". With their show and their instrumental prowess, the group became succesfull all over Europe, which resulted in countless foreign tours. In 1965, Bob Bouber retired from the Maskers. He became the brain behind Het (see there) and touring abroad. His backing group in 1968 comprised: Axel van Duin (b, ex-Gin Fizz, to the Belgian Pebbles), Henk Engelgeer (o,p, ex-John Breughel Four & Gin Fizz), Wijnand Blok (g, ex-Paul van Vliet), and Willem Voorhaar (dr, ex-Gin Fizz, to Johnny Kendall).  The Maskers kept on working till 1969, although now they focused more on rhythm & blues. Line-up: Jan de Hont (g, ex-Apron Strings, to Anno Nu, in 1968 replaced by his brother Adri de Hont, ex-Pocomania, to Johnny Kendall), Hans de Hont (b, ex-Apron Strings, to Johnny Kendall), Erik Boom (g, in 1963 replaced by Jaap de Groot, solo as D.J. King & Mike Rondell), Ador Otting (o,p,v,h,b, to Anno Nu) and drummers: respectively, Henny van Pinksteren (ex-Apron Strings, to Beat Buddies, 'til 1963), Pierre van der Linden (ex-Johnny & Cellarrockers and Mystics, to Don Mercedes, 1963 til 1964) and Alewijn Dekker (1964 til 1969). Also, Tony Leroy (g, to Met & Zonder) has played for a short while with the group.

1964 James Bond/Ave Maria no morro                              Artone DR 25237
Cadillac/Spanish tears Artone DR 25238
Greensleeves/North Sea melody Artone DR 25242
EP Cadillac/Spanish tears/James Bond 007/Till Artone EPDR 6739
1965 Stoppin' in Las Vegas/Cato from Volendam [w/Chubby Checker]
Cameo Parkway CP 26425
Baby baby balla balla/My little girl [w/Chubby Checker] Cameo Parkway CP 26432
So sorry/I wanna relax Artone DR 25286
Goldfinger/Formula V Special Artone OS 25311
Brandnew Cadillac/Because I'm in love Artone OS 25317
Shame and scandal in the family/Come with me honey Artone OS 25319
Potverdrie groot schandaal in onze familie/Caramba caramba Artone OS 25320
1966 Three's a crowd/Living in the past Artone OS 25343
Baby blue/Danny boy Artone DS 25359
Masters of war/As long as I have you Artone DS 25375
Batman/The saint Artone DS 25376
Come on boy join the army/He cursed him Artone DS 25430
LP Sensations in sound Artone PDS 910
1967 Georgia on my mind/Unchain my heart Artone DS 25497
Shame on you/Hold of me Artone DS 25546
Bill Bailey/Watermelon man ?
Annabelle/Don't you do it Artone DJ 25590
LP Beat meets R & B Artone PDR 552
LP Shame on you Artone PDS 560
1968 Heatwave/Death Artone DJ 25715
Adagio/Concerto d'Aranjuez [& Willy Schobben, trompet] Artone DJ 25760
Saints and sinners/Danse macabre Artone DJ 25854
1969 For you for me for you/Yes I am [met Chubby Checker] Artone DS 25904
Feelin' strange/Every little thing [met Johnny Kendall] Negram NG 179
1971 LP Greatest hits Artone BDJS 1585
1974 LP De Beste CBS 53405


Anno Nu from Amsterdam was a group that came together from the remnants of The Maskers and The Whiskers and existed from 1969 till 1970.  Lineup: Jan de Hont (v,g, ex-Maskers, to September), Ador Otting (v,o,p, ex-Maskers, to September), Willem de Vries (v,b, ex-Sharks & Me, to September), Pim de Boer (dr, ex-Whiskers, to Hickory) and Jan Stam (s,fl, ex-Whiskers, to Bled and Hickory).   After attempts to lift the band off the ground with Bob Bouber, they deteriorated to a local nightclub attraction.


1963 Dracula/Beat girl                                          Artone DR 25202
1964 La comparsa/Quizas quizas quizas Artone DR 25203
Sloppin' in Las Vegas/She's got my heart Artone DR 25220
Tamara/Till Artone DR 25228
Shake hands/Ik heb genoeg van jou Artone DR 25236
Cheat cheat/Playboy loves playgirl Artone DR 25243
EP Dracula/Beat girl/La comparsa/Quizas quizas quizas Artone EPDR
1965 LP Artone PDR 138
LP Artone POS 020
1971 La comparsa/Spanish tears CBS 7145


1965 Trek het je niet aan/Ik bedoel 't altijd zo goed           Artone DR 25300
EP Ik heb genoeg van jou/So sorry/Ik bedoel 't altijd zo goed/
/Trek het je niet aan Artone EPDR 6740
1966 Jouw eerste concert/Nog wel bedankt Artone OS 25339
Nog wel bedankt/Jij bent een raadsel Artone OS 25344
1968 Ik weet nog goed/Meneertje pils Philips JF 334502
Ik wil me donalddukkie terug/Kie ka kaketoe Philips JF 334665
1970 Tikketak/Wat kan ik eraan doen Greenlight GLS 711
1974 La dolce vita/Man zonder huis CBS 2061
Trek het je niet aan/Ik heb genoeg van jou CBS 2170
LP Onderweg CBS 65476
1976 Voor niets/Terug CNR 141346
LP De beste CNR 538104
1977 De telefoon huilt mee/De kleine witte hen CNR 141385
1981 He Linda/ Ariola 103133


The group Pocomania from Amsterdam was formed in 1967 out of Het and functioned at first mostly as a backing group to soul singer Davy Jones. The line-up: Dick Remelink (s, ex-Harland Kwintet, to Ekseption), Dennis Whitbread (dr, ex-Het, to Names & Faces), Pim van der Linden (b, ex-Het, to World), Fred Ros (o,p, to Johnny Kendall, in 1968 replaced by Hessel de Vries, ex-Met & Zonder, to George Cash) and on guitar, respectively, Lee Jones, Jacques Zwart (ex-Het, to Penny Wise) and Adri de Hont (ex-Het, to Maskers). On the single: Dennis, Pim, Adri and Johnny Frederiksz (ex-Restless Kids, Witterlands and Syndicate, to George Cash).

1968 Heikrekel/Peterselie                                     Fontana YF 278161


Singer Hans Donkerkaat from Amsterdam. His first group, Johnny Kendall & Heralds, was one of Nederlands' first real beat group. The proof of just how popular they were is the fact that when Herman Stok presented their "St. James infirmary" as a flop in his tv-programme Top Of Flop: it became a hit over almost all of Europe. In 1963, De Heralds were formed out of the instrumental group Les Sylvains and stayed together till 1968: Wim Roozendaal (dr, to John Kristel and Conny Vink), Gerard van Veen (b, to Tony Alberti), Frits van Es (g, to Tony Alberti) and Dennis Jacquet (g,o).  After the Heralds, Johnny worked with several groups: Selection, Maskers, Machine and Pineapple.  In addition, in 1973 with Wally Tax and in 1974/75 in Germany in Bert Kaempfert Orchestra.  Selection (1968): Jan-Pieter Boekhoorn (o,p, ex-Tee Set), John van Dijk (dr, ex-Group W.N., replaced Fred Kragten, to Gallery), Loek Kuiper (b, later with Dave & Jos Brink) and Dennis Jacquet (g, ex-Heralds). Selection (1969): Jan-Pieter Boekhoorn (o,p, to Sympathy), Andre Versluijs (b, to Mike Justin & Crystal), Jaap de Wit (g, to Bismarck) and Willem Voorhaar (dr, ex-Bob Bouber). Maskers (1969-1972): Ton van der Meer (s, ex-Pepper & Soul), Hans de Hont (b, ex-ZZ & Maskers, to Alexander Curly), Adri de Hont (g, ex-Maskers, to September, in 1970 replaced by Ben de Bruin, ex-Panda, to Rob Hoeke and by Ben de Roest, ex-Short '66, to Sharks & Me), Fred Ros (o,p, ex-Pocomania, to Mayflower, in 1970 replaced by Ger Veldhuijzen (ex-Gallery, to Square Set and Temple) and Willem Voorhaar (dr, in late 1969 to Punky's Dilemma and replaced by, in succession, Jerry Gobel, ex-Short '66, to Angelflight Railways and Theo de Ruiter, to Album).

Johnny Kendall Machine (1976): Ger Veldhuijzen (o,p, by now ex-Mouth & MacNeal), Jan Vredenburg (dr, ex-Mouth & MacNeal and Machine, to Champagne), Paulette Bronkhorst (v, to Champagne), Bert Altena (g), Hein Braat (b, better known as Barry Duncan, ex-Herman van Keeken), Ed van Toorenburg (v,g, ex-Mokum Beat Five and to Breeze) and Fred Jansen (v, g, ex-Mayflower, to Breeze). Pineapple (1976-1981): Ron Meyes (g, also in Knack, replaced by Tony Leroy, ex-Met & Zonder, to Beauty Case), Ruud Baron (b, ex-Temple, to Latul and replaced by Wilbert de Gooyer, ex-Liberation of Man, to Spirit), Ger Veldhuijzen (o,p, replaced by Bert Kok, ex-Rembrandt) and Theo van Adrichem (dr, ex-Square Set and Never Mind, in 1979 to Album and succeeded by Ko Joon, to Fat Eddy Band). Alongside of Johnny, in Pineapple were singing Anna Dekker (solo as Dee Dee), Julia Lekranty (to Cheyenne) and Ed van Steijn (ex-Rembrandt, to Joe Monroe Band).

1974 Do you love me/Old Kentucky home                               CNR 141278
1976 't Kon zo niet verder gaan/Hollywood Elf Provincien ELF 65053
1981 Yes I know/Tears in the night Dureco 4458


1964 Eenzaam hart/Sinds ik jou daar zag staan                       RCA 47-9547
St. James infirmary/Little girl RCA 47-9570
I found myself a brandnew baby/A thousand ways [w/ Heralds] RCA 47-9581
Jezebel/Hoochie coochie man RCA 47-9588
1965 See see rider/Shake hands RCA 47-9593
Greenback dollar/Bad news RCA 47-9596
I wanna be free/That's why baby RCA 47-9598
You tell me why/Why not stop and dig it RCA 47-9651
[Italy] Hai promesso (Heart of stone)/Tu cemmini (See See Rider)
RCA 45-1452
LP On the move Camden CAL 10041
[Italy] LP
1966 Girl/Do you remember RCA 47-9654
Run run run/I hear horns blow RCA 47-9734
1967 Went wrong/I'm high RCA 47-9752
1969 St. James infirmary/My crazy clown RCA 47-15135
1974 St. James infirmary/Shake hands/See see rider/Hoochie coochie man
RCA 47-16168


1969 Feelin' strange/Every little thing                           Negram NG 179


1968 Cryin'/I realised too late                                    Havoc SG 147


An Amsterdam-based pop group, founded in 1970 by Ger Veldhuijsen (o, p, ex-Pepper & Soul, to Johnny Kendall), Fred Kragten (dr, ex-Johnny Kendall), Duco de Rijk (g, ex-Zen, to Breakaway), Ron Goené (b, ex-Bobby Green Selection, to Temple) and Paul Hillen (v).  In 1971 the featured line-up was: Theo de Wilde (o, p, to Temple), Erik van Kranen (dr, ex-Obsession, to F.B.I.), Johan Slager (g, High Tide Formation, to Kayak, in 1972 replaced by René Boelen, ex-Telephone, to Valentine's Bluesband), Ron Goené (b) and Ed Broeckhoven (v, in 1979 in Link). Gallery broke up in 1972.

1970 Running around/Sentence to death		Barclay 167010
1971 Emptiness inside/The problem Barclay 167013


Breeze was formed as a duo in 1971 by Bart van Schoonhoven (v, g, before going solo as One Of All Of Us) and Ed van Toorenburg (v, g, ex-Mokum Beat Five) from Amsterdam.  After one year as Two Of All Of Us, they changed their name into Breeze and made two singles.  After that the duo fell apart and Ed joined Johnny Kendall & Magnum, where he met Fred Jansen (z,g,b, ex-Mayflower).  The three of them reformed Breeze in 1977.  In the meantime, Bart was in a duo with Hans Willemse (ex-Twelve O'Clock, later in Bojo Band).  In 1981, the group fell apart for the second time.
1973	Talkin' about/Drop by                              Ariola AT 12724
1974 Do it if it tickles your fancy/I can try           Ariola AT 13285
1977 Gipsy woman/Never let you down                       Negram NG 836
1978 It's only a matter of time/Where is the love   Negram 5C 006-82424
LP It's only a matter of time                  Negram 5C 064-82423
1980 If love could last forever/Sunset girl                  CNR 141688


A new wave band from Terneuzen, featuring Ed van Broeckhoven (v, ex-Gallery), Co van Reyen (v, g), Hans Burger (v,fl,h), Ton de Vetter (b), Werner Cornand (dr) and Boet Pattinama (perc).

1981 Start the machine


A rock group from Amsterdam, in 1971 founded by John Frederiksz (v, ex-World, to Q'65), Ron Goené (b, ex-Gallery, only a short stint), Theo de Wilde (o, ex-Gallery), Ralph Norman (g, ex-World) and Cees Meerman (dr, ex-World, to Minisink Townhouse and replaced by Jerry Göbel, ex-Angelflight Railways, to Cargo). The second single was released in 1974 under the name of Johnny Frederiksz & Temple. The group had already disbanded when this single was released. The line-up featured: Johnny Frederiksz (v, ex-Kjoe, to Livin' Blues), Ger Veldhuisen (o, p, ex-Johnny Kendall and Square Set, to Mouth & MacNeal), Ron Meyes (g, ex-Album, to Mouth & MacNeal), Wim Jongbloed (dr, to Knack) and Ruud Baron (b, ex-Baron Brothers, to Johnny Kendall).

1971 Searching for places/Triple guitar			Philips 6012105
1974 Our father/Country joy Natural NALS 004


A supergroup from Amsterdam; existed in 1970-1971, featuring: John Frederiksz (v, ex-George Cash, to Temple), Pim van der Linden (b, ex-Pocomania, to Rob Hoeke), Ron Meyes (g, ex-George Cash, to Johnny Kendall), Ralph Norman (g, ex-Short '66, to Temple) and Kees Meerman (dr, ex-Bismarck, to Temple).

1970 She don't care about time/Sunday			Polydor 2050064


Another Amsterdam-based group, existed in 1970-1971, featuring: Bart Terlaak (dr, ex-Island, to Threshold Fear and replaced by Cees Meerman, to World), Jan Dankmeijer (b, ex-Island), Ferry Karmelk (g, ex-Island, to Tee Set) and Jaap de Wit (g, ex-Johnny Kendall, to Lobster).

1971 Drive on driver/Travellin' man                MCA MCS 3924
Shotgun express/Brown-eyed handsome man Polydor 2021002


Jaap de Groot, ex-Maskers, later in Mike & Michael and solo as Mike Rondell.

1970 Lazy/One finger Negram NG 174


Roek Williams (ex-Roek's Family) and Jaap de Groot (ex-Maskers and solo as D.J. King, later as Mike Rondell).

1971	The sun is born/Horace the frog Negram NG 218
Let's stop/Sunshine to my soul Negram NG 241
1972 A star/Caroline Negram NG 278
Himalaya/Maria, Tobias and John Negram NG 305
1973 Maria, Tobias and John/Sunshine to my soul Negram NG 379
LP Greatest hits Negram ELS 978


Jaap de Groot, ex-Mike & Michael. Earlier in the Apron Strings and the Maskers.  In 1977 joined Pandemonium.

1974	L'amour en France/Ik ben vrij Negram NG 404
1975 I'm sorry sir/Come on take my hand Basf 05-15514-6
Mr. Sandman/Swimmin' with the women Basf 05-15524-7
What can I do/Jane Basf 05-15732-0
LP Goin' back in time Basf 16-25560-3
1976 [& High Five] To be or not to be/Problems Poker S 636
LP To be or not to be [nooit verschenen] Poker PO 10006
1979 T-shirt/Little red jeans Polydor 2050549


Duet comprising Ador Otting (ex-September) and Jaap de Groot (ex-Maskers and solo as Mike Rondell).  At the time, there was another group called Pandemonium from Drachten, that operated under the name Exit until 1970.  The latter featured Robert Brans (dr, ex-Tony Sheridan, to Dingo).

1977	1941/Ol' blue jeans Poker POS 15011
1978 Blackberry way/Friday night Poker POS 15045


Amsterdam based rock & roll band Apron Strings served as the launchpad for several Amsterdam beat groups.  It existed from 1959 until 1961, but didn't make any records.  Lineup: Rob de Nijs (v, to Lords), Hans de Hont (b, to Maskers, in 1959 succeeded Bert de Nijs, to Lords), Henny van Pinksteren (dr, to Beat Buddies), Jan de Hont (g, to Maskers) and Roel Vredeveld (g).


Nightclub orchestra from Amsterdam, active in 1967/68.  Line-up: Frank Nodelijk (v, g, ex-John Breughel Four, to Shocking Blue), Willem Voorhaar (dr, ex-John Breughel Four, to Bob Bouber), Henk Engelgeer (v, o, p, ex-John Breughel Four, to Bob Bouber) and Ronny Bühre (v, b, ex-Roek Williams & Fighting Cats, to André van Duin). Ronny and Frank were replaced in 1968 by Axel van Duin (v, b, ex-Clungels, to Punky's Dilemma and Pebbels) and Rene van Kerkhoven (v, g). 

Dutch charts:

11-9-71 SINGLE tip LET'S STOP
10-6-72 SINGLE 23 4 A STAR
18-11-72 SINGLE tip HIMALAYA
22-2-75 SINGLE 16 6 I'M SORRY SIR
27-12-75 SINGLE tip WHAT CAN I DO
PANDEMONIUM 26-11-77 SINGLE 35 3 1941

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