The Outsiders came from Amsterdam: started out a local band from Oost, their homebase being "Las Vegas" on the Korte Nieuwendijk.  A disreputable body of hustlers and trouble-makers was constituting their typical audiences outside the city. This ill-famed body was notorious for turning places upside down and, therefore, the band was boycotted in many towns.

The group started out in 1960 as Jimmy Revon (Leendert Groenhof) & the Outsiders; its members also including: Wally Tax (vocals, guitar, ex-Victors), Gerrit Groenhof (drums, once in a while replaced by Pierre van der Linden!), Piet Zandstra (drums) & Ronald Splinter (guitar). Despite their scanty musical skills, the Outsiders gradually became popular amongst the country's youths: in 1966, they even played the support slot to the Rolling Stones in 's-Hertogenbosch! Under the guidance of Willem Duys, they recorded their first LP, on which the technique of recording instrumental tracks back in those days can be clearly heard: they were speeded up, after which the vocals were dubbed in.

The above lineup existed until 1964. After that, the lineup changed as follows: Wally Tax (vocals, guitar, keyboards, flute etc., in 1964 he was only 16!), Ronald Splinter (vocals, guitar and bass), Albert Rammers (bass, in 1970 to CCC), Leendert Busch (drums, later in Taxfree and OPMC) and Tom Krabbendam (guitar, sax, 1965-1967, ex-NV Groep '65).

The culminating point came in 1967: a few big hits, Wally's solo records and appearances in Paris with Little Richard. Even in France the group had its own fanclub. On their 1968 LP one can hear the band's remarkable progress.

Albert was replaced in 1968 by multi-instrumentalist Frank Beek (ex-Double Dutch). The Outsiders broke up in 1969; Wally and Leendert formed Taxfree, after which Tax went solo, accompanied by groups like Bamboulee and the Watermen.


1965 You mistreat me/Sun's going down		Muziek Express Op-art 1003
1966 Felt like I wanted to cry/I love her still I always will
						Muziek Express Op-art 1006
     Lying all the time/Thinking about today	Relax 45004
     Keep on trying/That's your problem		Relax 45006
     Touch/The ballad of John B.[manager John van Setten]
						Relax 45016
1967 Monkey on your back/What's wrong with you	Relax 45025
     Summer is here/Teach me to forget you	Relax 45048
     I've been loving you so long/I'm only trying to prove to myself that
     I'm not like everybody else		Relax 45058
     Don't you worry about me/Bird in a cage	Relax 45068
     LP Outsiders				Relax 30007
     LP Songbook				Teenbeat APLP 102
1968 Cup of hot coffee/Strange things are happening
						Relax 45088
     I don't care/You remind me			Polydor S 1266
     LP C.Q.					Polydor 236803
1969 Do you feel allright/Daddy died on Saturday
						Polydor S 1300
1973 Touch/Monkey on your back/Lying all the time
						Imperial 5C 006-24835
     LP Story 16				Imperial 5C 052-24795
1975 LP The Outsiders				Imperial 5C 050-51127
1976 LP Touch					EMI Gold DAG 104
1979 LP Golden greats				Bovema-Negram 5C 028-26197

[04-06-1966]^10*16	LYING ALL THE TIME   outsiders
[27-08-1966]^9*11	KEEP ON TRYING   outsiders
[19-11-1966]^6*14	TOUCH   outsiders
[25-02-1967]^4*12	MONKEY ON YOUR BACK   outsiders
[27-05-1967]^8*10	SUMMER IS HERE   outsiders
[12-08-1967]^29*4	I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU SO LONG   outsiders
[04-11-1967]^32*4	DON'T YOU WORRY ABOUT ME   outsiders


1948 - 2005

Wally Tax already made solo records during his tenure in the Outsiders. After his group Taxfree disbanded, he went solo and was accompanied by Bamboule (1972), George Cash (1973), Watermen (1973) and the Mustangs (from Gooi) (1976), e.t.c.

Bamboulee consisted of: Samire (vocals, piano), Coco (percussion), David Hogan (bass) and Bruce Gant (brass), lineup sometimes augmented by drummer Martin van Duynhoven. Wally Tax & George Cash also featured: Hessel de Vries (keyboards, ex-Innerminit), Rob van Schaik (bass, ex-Relax), Rob van Wageningen (sax, flute, ex-Ahora Mazda & Hans Dulfer), Paul van Wageningen (drums, ex-Groep 1850) & Neppy Noya (percussion, ex-Xex).

Watermen included: Francois Content (trompet, ex-Tarantula, back to Machine), Jaap Schoonhoven (guitar, same as above) & Michel Marion (bass, ex-Kayak, to Machine). The 1974 lineup was: Jaap Schoonhoven (guitar, ex-Machine), Roy Ruys (guitar), Rene van der Valk (drums, ex-Tiger) & Dick van der Graaff (bass, ex-Orfeo).


1967 I sat and thought and wondered why/You don't have to tell me
							      Philips JF 333692
     Let's forget what I said/Last night				 333871
     LP Love-in							     XPY 855038
1968 I don't feel alone/Come closer				      JF 333929
1972 (& Bamboule'e) Crown of creation/Tomorrow			Basf 05-15079-2
1973 Miss wonderful/Take me for what I am			Ariola AT 13096
     LP On my own (Love-in)					Philips 6440063
1974 It ain't no use/Oh mama					Ariola AT 13196
     Evidently/She's as lovely as a breeze				  13337
     Bridges are burning/Lots of luck					  13650
     LP Wally Tax						       IT 87762
1975 This girl is mine/No love at all				       AT 16055
     LP Tax tonight						      XOT 89244
1976 Let's dance/She						       AT 17407
     It's too late/Do it all over					  16470
[15-04-1967]^17*6	I SAT AND THOUGHT AND WONDERED WHY   wally tax
[02-09-1967]^11*8	LET'S FORGET WHAT I SAID   wally tax
[05-01-1974]^11*6	MISS WONDERFUL   wally tax
[23-03-1974]^13*8	IT AIN'T NO USE   wally tax
[20-07-1974]^21*4	EVIDENTLY   wally tax
[23-11-1974]^26*4	BRIDGES ARE BURNING   wally tax
[08-01-1977]^31*4	LET'S DANCE   wally tax


After the split-up of the Outsiders, Wally Tax formed the band Taxfree, with fellow-Outsider Leendert Busch (drums, later in OPMC) & Jody Purpora (vocals, guitar, keyboards, also solo). In 1970, they left for the USA, recruited David Oliphant (guitar) and Ray Cordell into the group, and made an LP. On this record, John and Richard Davis (bass, well-known session player) can also be heard.  In 1971, Taxfree disbanded, after which Wally got back together with Bamboule in 1972.  NB: the LP was recorded at New York's Electric Ladyland studios.

1971 LP Taxfree							Polydor 244053


Progressive pop group from Amsterdam. The lineup comprised: Laurie Langenbach (vocals), Ton Schreuder (bass), Rob van Wageningen (voc, flute, later with Hans Dulfer & Wally Tax), Winky Abbink (drums, in 1970 replaced by Paul van Wageningen, who later emerged in Hans Dulfer's band, Groep 1850, Beehive, Tarantula, Wally Tax, Sight & Antares) and Peter Abbink (voc, guitar, perc). In an earlier lineup, drummer Hans Cleuver (ex-Focus) also played with them.

1970 LP Ahora Mazda     Catfish 5C 054-24184

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