Jazz saxophonist from Broek in Waterland, who keeps himself busy playing Latin-flavoured music. He made the first step in that direction in 1969, when he created the group Ritmo Naturel. The members included: Steve Boston (percussion), Jan Jacobs (bass guitar, later to Sail), Kees Hazevoet (piano), Martin van Duynhoven (drums), Rob van Wageningen (flute, sax, ex-Ahora Mazda) and Dave Duba (d, ex-Group 1850). Jan Akkerman helped along on the first LP as well. After the split of the group in 1972, Hans plunged into several projects, working with Group 1850, and forming the Perikels in 1975. This group borrowed many members from Solat: Hans Dulfer (s), Mister Slim (steel drums), Frank Douglas (g, ex-Ray Brook and Euson), Glen Gaddum (p), Ed Veldman (dr, ex-Soul Kids), Mitchell Callander (b, ex-Names & Faces and Reality), Koko Kowsolea (percussion), Glen van Windt (timbales), Billy Jones (vocals), Lilian Jackson (vocals), Peggy Larson (vocals) and Mildred Douglas (vocals). (Reality was the predecessor of Solat, around 1971; one of the members of that group was Tony Sherman.)

1970	Red Red Libanon/Candy Clouds Imperial 5C 006-24237
	LP The Morning After The Third 054-24181
1971	LP Candy Clouds 24307
1972	LP El Saxophon 24515
1977	(& Perikels) Red Red Libanon/I Want Some Money EMI 006-25595

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From the "Oor" Popencyclopedie:

HANS DULFER (28-5-1940)

Self-taught tenor-saxophonist, father of Candy Dulfer, concert organizer, radio personality, column writer, professional anarchist, Dulfer started playing out in 1957, in tens of groups of which Hans Dulfer and the Perikels is one of the most notable. He is one of the most outstanding personalities on the Dutch jazz scene. Played in an Amsterdam orchestra, the Big Band of Theo Delen, and a free jazz group with Peter Snoey. Many times he caused a stir at the Loosdrecht Jazz Festivals, won the 1969 Wessel Ilcken prize, and organized concerts at the popular youth venue Paradiso. He's also credited with important contributions to the integration of Surinamese and Antillean musicians into the mainstream. In 1968-70, he was the leader of Heavy Soul Inc. (with jazz drummer Han Bennink and jazz-rock guitarist John McLaughlin). In 1981, he formed electronic free funk group Reflud; they had energetic live acts. In 1983, with Herman Brood, he paid tribute to blues legend Mose Allison at the North Sea Jazz Festival. By 1989, he experimented with speed- and thrash metal! In 1990, formed Tough Tenors, with saxophonist Boris van der Lek, and was also appointed in charge of Paradiso. One year later, he antagonised the entire staff against him, and was forced to leave this reputable venue. In 1992, Hans presented radio programs such as 'Streetbeats' and 'Hothouse' at the VPRO station. In 1993, he received the Bird Award. The following year, "Big Boy" was released - it was a unique, hard honking, housing, be-bopping and rocking dance record, with which he had a hit (on such radio shows as 'Streetbeats'), helped by producers/musicians John Helder and Paul Keuzenkamp (from the group Gung-Ho), and it even reached Japan.

Heavy Soul Inc.: Live In Paradiso -'69
Soulbrass Inc.: Bohemia -'69
The Morning After The Third -'70
Candy Clouds -'71
El Saxofon -'72
Maine -'77
I Didn't Ask -'81
Big Boy -'94

Jazz In China - Hans Dulfer (Bert Bakker '80)
Dulfer's Dumdum - Hans Dulfer (In De Knipscheer '89)

Hit Singles:
21-5-94 Streetbeats peak: 12

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