This group from Amsterdam evolved from Penny Wise. When it started out in 1969, the line-up was: Donald van Os (v, g, ex-Penny Wise), Martin van Os (dr, ex-Penny Wise), Johan Slager (g, ex-Little Johnny & Flaming Stars, 1961, Vampires and Gallery High, to High Tide Formation), Peter van Asten (v), Robert Verwey (b, to Brainbox).

Line-up in 1970: Donald and Martin, Egon Verhoeven (b, ex-California License), Michel van Dijk (ex-Ekseption, went to Brainbox and stayed there from 1971 until 1974).

In 1974, the line-up changed to: Donald, Martin, Michel and Jaques Zwart (b, ex-Think Tank). In that year, Amsterdam fell apart. Peter van Asten became a famous producer and composer. He released some solo records as Peter Bewley.

1970    Indian pipe/Blue steel 44 Polydor 2050005
    	Lucy Lucy/Double Piet, Peen & Willy Polydor 2050026
    	Julie come back/Let your body be strong Polydor 2050068
1971    Jackie Gass/Sweet child of light Polydor 2050095
1973    Don't be down/Merry go round Pink Elephant PE 22709
    	Donay/No one really cares Pink Elephant PE 22756
1974    Marie Marie/Emily Jane Pink Elephant PE 22795
    	Mary Lou/Best friend Pink Elephant PE 22841
1975    LP Amsterdam Pink Elephant PE 877076


(clockwise from the top: Jacques Zwart, Hans Janssen, Aad van der Kreeft and Rob de Graaf)

Think Tank was formed by Jacques Zwart. He had been the lead vocalist of Het and played bass in Penny Wise and Bled. He assembled some of the best musicians available for Think Tank: Aad van der Kreeft (g), who'd just scored a hit with Blue Planet ("I'm Going Man I'm Going"), Hans Jansen (from the JayJays) and ex-Bled drummer Rob de Graaf. They recorded an album for Pink Elephant featuring quite complex American-influenced music (Todd Rundgren, early Steely Dan). When the album and the accompanying single didn't sell, Zwart joined Amsterdam as producer/singer/bass player in 1973 and recorded an LP that wasn't released until 1975, when the band was already defunct. Zwart then built a career producing artists like Ben Cramer and Doris D. & The Pins. Jacques Zwart died in 2003 of a heart attack at the age of 56.

1972	LP Think Tank Pink Elephant PE 877022
	Together / Hold my hand Pink Elephant PE 22057
	Rolling on the railroad / Pictures of youth Pink Elephant PE 22058
1973	A Man Is A Fool / Hey call my name Pink Elephant PE 22062


1972    It's alright Bill/Smile again CNR 141182
    	Hello/I need a place called silence CNR 141190
1973    What you've done/The last day of September CNR 141208


Amsterdam group Penny Wise was around between 1967 and 1969 and formed the base of Amsterdam. Among their members were Martin van Os (dr), his brother Donald (v, g) and Jacques Zwart (v, g, b, ex-Het and Pocomania, via Bled and Think Tank also to Amsterdam).

1967	Silver girl/Jackie's S.S.S. Imperial IH 739
1968	Lily come near me/Wrong song (Baby baby I can't take it no more) Teeset Records 1285
	Leave me alone/In the fields with me Teeset Records 1299

Dutch charts:

28-2-70		SINGLE 29 5 INDIAN PIPE
13-6-70		SINGLE 13 5 LUCY, LUCY
24-2-73		SINGLE tip DON'T BE DOWN
28-9-74		SINGLE tip MARY LOU

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