Named after club-house Alcuin of the catholic student's corps Sanctus Virgilius, established in the St. Barbaraklooster in Delft. The group is from Delft and was called Threshold Fear until 1971. Members in 1971: Ferdinand Bakker (vocals, guitar, piano, violin ex-Py Set) Job Tarenskeen (vocals, drums, percussion), Ronald Ottenhof (sax, flute) Dick Franssen (piano, organ, Wurlitzer), Paul Westrate (drums).

In 1974, Michel van Dijk (ex-Amsterdam) became the lead singer and Job replaced Paul on drums. From 1976 to 1977 (when the group disbanded), the line-up was: Job, Ronald, Ferdinand, Dick, Michel and on bass, at first (for a short while) Rob ten Bokum (ex-Vitesse) and after that Jan Visser (ex-Beehive). Bassist in the first years was Hein Mars, ex-Davies. Job and Ferdinand formed the rockgroup the Meteors in 1977.

1972 LP Marks							Polydor 2925012
1973 LP Mountain queen							2925019
     You always can change/Hard Royce					2050233
1975 LP Nobody can wait forever						2915030
     Wheelchair groupie/Mister widow					2050358
1976 Fool in the mirror/Bootlegs ballet					2050419
     LP The best kept secret						2925045
     LP Live on tour							2441069
1977 2LP Crash, the best of Alquin					2925061
     LP Marks (re)							2419060
USA  single 1975: Mister widow/Stranger				   RCA PB 10414
(No hits)

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