A folk-pop group from Volendam featuring Harmen Veerman (v, g), Dick Plat (o, p), Cor Veerman (v, b, ex-Alles, to George Baker Selection, in 1971 replaced by Jan Schilder), Ben de Groot (g, in 1970 replaced by Evert-Jan Reylingh, ex-Alles) and Jaap Kras (dr, in 1968 to Kleintjes Pils and replaced by Jaap Sombroek, ex-BZN, who went to Next One in 1974 and was replaced by Klaas Tuyp).  The group was founded in 1965 and performed until 1967 under the name of Beat Boys.  In 1976, Left Side disbanded; Harmen made a few solo records (as Puzzi & Blackjack) and Klaas and Dick formed the trio Canyon.

1968 Confusion in my mind/Feeling so lonely and blue		    Relax 45078
1969 Welcome to my house/This little village			Imperial IH 857
     I can give you everything/Miss lonely		  Imperial 5C 006-24052
1970 Johnny/Silly girl					  Imperial 5C 006-24138
     Woman in my life/I need you			  Imperial 5C 006-24249
1971 See you crying/Feeling alright			  Imperial 5C 006-24406
1972 I'll be there/Prostituted [was it ever released?]
1973 Locomotion/Mama you said the right words			Philips 6012362
1974 Mama mia/Gold in New Orleans				Philips 6012422
     I want ye and I get ye/Hello goodbye baby see ye		Philips 6012457
1975 Tessie/Bebop baby						Philips 6012484
     Gimme your love/Mama mia/Gold in New Orleans		Philips 6012542
     LP The best						Philips 7112624
1976 Morning sunrise/Can't you see me				Philips 6012610


1977 Picture on the wall/Mexican Maria			       EMI 5C 006-25581
     Lady of the night/Too old to believe in you	       EMI 5C 006-25698
1978 Saturday night/Is it love					  Ariola 100074


1981 Maggie's dog/


A group from Volendam featuring: Jan de Boer (v, to Progress), Evert-Jan Reylingh (b, ex-Tips, to Left Side), Jacques Veerman (g, to Fools) and Evert-Jan Veerman (dr).   Ex-members: Tom Kwakman and Cos Kemper.

1969 Murdock 9-6182/Deus bonus est			      Philips JF 336107


Pop group from Volendam; existed between 1967 and 1975.   Members: Siem Schilder (v,g, to Jen Rog), Jaap Smits (b, to Jen Rog), Jacques Joseph Veerman (g, ex-Alles, till 1974), Piet Joseph Veerman (g, o) and Ton 'Epje' van Vlaanderen (dr).

1969 Where is the day/Fools like me				  Delta DS 1338
1970 Up the mountains/Deo					  Delta DS 1369
1973 Goin' back in time/Little Sally				     CNR 141237
1974 Jack and Jill/Where flowers call for music			     CNR 141262
1975 Sunshine girl/Lucky boy				       EMI 5C 006-25072


Ex-member of Alles and Coffin founded the group Progress in Volendam in 1971 and later changed its name to Jen Rog in 1972.  Featured members: Martin Veerman (v, dr), Jaap Schilder (v, g), Peter Berger (b, in 1975 replaced by  Jaap Smits, ex-Fools) and Theo van Scherpenzeel (v, g, o, p, in 1975 solo, also a member of Specs Hildebrand and replaced by guitar player Siem Schilder, ex-Fools and Leo Sanders, till  1977).  In 1978, Siem left the group.  He was replaced by Kees Dusink and made an LP under the name Polly three years later.  Jaap Smits was in 1979 followed by Hubert Knuvelder (b, ex-Little Tommy & Black Devils, Mystères, Problems and Zarathustra).

1972 Develish Mary/Oh the road				  Imperial 5C 006-24644
1973 So long ago/Ramblin'				  Imperial 5C 006-24688
     Weilla wailla/One summerday				  Negram NG 385
1974 Sunday morning/Diggy liggi lo				  Negram NG 414
     't Was nacht/Koning voetbal				  Negram NG 444
1976 La belle France/Let me tell you soon	      Warner Brothers WBN 16805
     Roselia/Happy sheep			      Warner Brothers WBN 16971
1977 Sandy/Follow me				      Warner Brothers WBN 16979
1978 Down in Mexico/Happy street		      Warner Brothers WBN 17175
1980 Jimmy's gonna get you/Night time				Polydor 2050621


1981 LP Slapstick rock						      CBS 84671
1982 LP Polly							      CBS 85162


Volendammer Theo van Scherpenzeel, ex-vocalist/guitarist from Jen Rog.  He was accompanied by the Magic Box Band: Jan Rietman (p, ex-Unit Gloria, to Rainbow Train), Cees Essers (b, ex-Scope), Nico Groen (dr, to Trademark) and Antonio Martinez (g).  In 1976, the band's lineup was: Ad van de Berg (g, ex-Jaap Dekker, to Teaser), Jan Rietman (p), Nico Groen (dr, ex-Railway, to Splinterfunk), Marjo Schenk (ex-Jaap Dekker, later solo as Steven Giles) and an unknown bassist.   In 1977/78, Theo was part of Canyon, in 1981 - with the Living Room Band.

1975 Manuel/What have they done					Ariola AT 16783
     LP File onder popular				       Ariola XOT 28210
1980 LP Loners and losers [al planned in 1978]			      CBS 84385
1981 Keg of dynamite/						       CBS 1481
1982 LP Time is on my side					      CBS 85163


After Left Side disbanded by the end of 1976, organist Dik Plat, Klaas Tuyp (dr) and Theo van Scherpenzeel (v, g, better known as Specs Hildebrand) formed a Dutch singing trio Canyon.   Theo disappeared; now and then a guitarist Jaap Veerman worked with the group.

1980 Altijd zon als dat eens kon/Je redt het best alleen	Polydor 2050632
1981 Hé kleine vlinder/Ik hield van jou				Polydor 2050650
     Mooi Volendam/						Polydor 2050694


This Volendam pop group was founded in 1969 and initially recorded music that was similar in style to The Cats.  In 1973, they released their first single; the line-up was: Piet Schilder (v, since 1971), André Veerman (b), Jannie Mühren (v, g), Albert Schilder (dr) and Thomas Veerman (o,p, since 1971).  In 1977, Jaap Sombroek (ex-Left Side) became their new drummer; and a year later, the group's lineup was expanded by the addition of vocalist Esther Herberts (ex-Choice).  She was replaced in 1979 by Jeannet Koning.  In 1980, the group featured: Piet Schilder (v), Jeannet Koning (v), Nico Tol (g, ex-Hope), Jan Sombroek (o,p), Ben Kwakman (b, ex-Hope, by the end of that year replaced by Ed Antoine) and Willem Jonk (dr).  In 1981, Jeannet made a solo single as Janice King.

1973 Yesterday's memories/Why don't you change			       CBS 1890
1974 To all our friends/Mexican divorce				       CBS 2166
     Goodbye Ann Louise/Mindgames heartbreaks			       CBS 2474
1976 Little Spanish sailor/Sweet surrender		       EMI 5C 006-25390
1977 Sailing home/The wind blows for you		       EMI 5C 006-25489
     Emmalee/Autumn song				       EMI 5C 006-25521
1978 Realité/The wind blows				       EMI 5C 006-26036
1980 I love you so/Carnival					Polydor 2050604
     It doesn't matter anymore/I can't say why			Polydor 2050638
1981 The longer you're gone/					Polydor 2050688


1981 Summer breeze/						Polydor 2050682

Dutch charts:

    3-2-68      SINGLE  29  6   CONFUSION IN MY MIND
    12-4-69     SINGLE  25  5   WELCOME TO MY HOUSE
    7-11-70     SINGLE  tip     WOMAN IN MY LIFE
    13-10-73    SINGLE  17  7   (LIKE A) LOCOMOTION
    30-3-74     SINGLE  tip     MAMA MIA
    7-9-74      SINGLE  37  2   I WANT YE, I GET YE  [Alarmschijf @ 31-8-74]
    15-2-75     SINGLE  20  7   TESSIE
    2-8-69      SINGLE  29  4   MURDOCK 9-6182
    2-2-74      SINGLE  21  5   GOIN' BACK IN TIME
    22-3-75     SINGLE  tip     SUNSHINE GIRL
    23-9-72     SINGLE  tip     DEVILISH MARY
    24-7-76     SINGLE  tip     LA BELLE FRANCE
    6-8-77      SINGLE  tip     SANDY
    25-6-83     SINGLE  24  5   ALS IK MAAR BIJ JOU BEN
    24-11-73    SINGLE  tip     YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES
    4-5-74      SINGLE  tip     TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS
    25-1-75     SINGLE  30  4   GOODBYE ANN LOUISA
    26-6-76     SINGLE  21  5   LITTLE SPANISH SAILOR
    18-9-76     SINGLE  tip     EMMALEE
    28-10-78    SINGLE  35  3   REALITE
    16-2-80     SINGLE  tip     I LOVE YOU SO
    21-8-82     SINGLE  5   8   CATS FOR EVER

Volendam, a little village on the edge of the Zuiderzee, is particularly well known for its traditional Dutch costumes, its eel fishing, and its quaint architecture, all of which attract many visitors to Holland. But even though it seems an old-fashioned town with old-fashioned people, it contains a wonderful spring of modern musical talent. Left Side are only one of several leading pop groups from Volendam, some of whom have become internationally famous. They started their career in 1966 in a Dutch television programme called "Moef Ga-ga" with a number entitled "Confusion in my mind". In no time at all that became a hit and from then on Left Side found themselves among the most important groups on the Dutch pop scene. In 1973 they signed up with Phonogram and under the inspiring guidance of Peter Koelewijn they worked hard in establishing their position at the top. Hits like "Mamma mia", "(Like a) Locomotion", and "Tessie" followed each other in quick succession and resulting concert engagements made them one of Holland's busiest groups. "The Best of Left Side" is a collection of numbers, all produced by Peter Koelewijn, which makes it clearer than any words can why everything Left Side do is right as far as Dutch pop fans are concerned.

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