This group from Zwolle was formed in 1974 by former members of Strange Power.  Initially, they undertook the direction of symphonic rock but eventually evolved into a jazz-rock outfit.  The line-up was: Rik Elings (o, p, b, fl), Henk Zomer (dr, to Chris Hinze), Rens Nieuwland (g), Rob Franken (o, p, ex-Rob Franken Organization) and Erik Raayman (b, to Henk Elsink).

In 1975, the group went through three bass players in a row: Cees Essers (to Specs Hildebrand), Paul Bagmeyer (ex-Vitesse, to Houseband) and Pablo Nahar (to MM). Other musicians participating that year included: Rens, Robert Vink (dr) and Peter Schon (o, p, ex-Crypto, to Innerminit and Pumpkin).  Ronald Zeldenrust (later in Goblet and Turquoise) filled in on drums temporarily

1976 saw another line-up change: Kees Smit (s, ex-Daisy Dynamite and John Russell, to High Life and MM), Arthur Clarke (b, ex-Solution) joined existing members Rens, Robert and Peter.

In 1982, the group was revived by Rik, Henk, Theo de Jong (b, ex-Taurus) and a succession of guitar players.

1974	Big ferro/Tamatua Atlantic ATLN ?
	LP Atlantic ATLN 40553
1975	Frisky frog funk/High checker Atlantic ATLN 10589
	LP II Atlantic ATLN 50078


Rock group from Zwolle, founded in 1970, became somewhat famous after changing their name to Scope (1974). Strange Power also accompanied Barry Freeman. Line-up: Stanley Kho (g, in 1972 replaced by Rens Nieuwland), Henk Zomer (dr), Erik Raayman (b, g, to Medusa), Jos Engelhard (s, to Wave, member till 1973), Ben Gerritsen (vibes, ex-Hazy Gate Bellhops and Moldy Figs, to Last Moment and Farrago, members of Strange Power from 1972 till 1973) and Rik Elings (o, p, fl). Some time in 1974, Helmig v.d. Vegt (o, p, ex-Cuby & Blizzards) also stood in for a short spell.

1971	That's the way/Turn me loose Power 110001
	Tenderfoot/Spring RCA 74-16061
1973	LP Watch your step [ooit verschenen?]


1971	That's the way/Turn me loose RCA 74-16055
	Mary in the morning/Future RCA 74-16057

Dutch charts:

Barry Freeman


Pop group from Haarlem, formed in 1977. Line-up: Martin Scheffer (v, g), Rob Spierenburg (o,p), Kees Wassenaar (dr, replaced Rex Stulp (ex-Icc) in 1981, who, in turn, replaced Dennis Plantinga in 1980) and Jos Schild (b, replaced Theo de Jong in 1980, ex-Kayak, who came in place of Piet Traanberg and went on to join Scope).

1980	Meadow/Undiscovered Mercury 6017087
1981	LP Illusions of a night CBS/Multi MTI 58051

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