This Amsterdam funk band started out in 1973 as the in-house orchestra at Amsterdam's "Paradiso".  They also performed  many times at VPRO studios live on the air.  In the beginning, their line-up fluctuated a lot, but the core of the Houseband at all times remained: Harry Harthold (v,g, ex-Sleezy Pete) and Peter Smid (b, to Vitesse).  The line-up in 1976: Harry, Peter, Marc Holland (dr, ex-Machine and Lobster), Paul Bagmeyer (g, b, ex-Scope, to Rockaway Boulevard, Vitesse), Pieter Gerritsen (o, p, v) and Jacob Klaassen (o, p, to Peewee & Specials).  In 1977, Paul left the band; the new additions to the group were Floor van Zutphen (v, ex-Sleezy Pete, in 1978 solo), Wouter van Bemmel (tr), Ken Spence (s, in 1979 to Nina Hagen and Eyes), Monica Tjen-a-kwoei (v, in 1980 to Herman Brood) and Humphrey Knoppel (dr).  In 1978, Marc was replaced by Kim Haworth (dr, ex-Sail and Music Garden, in 1979 to The Meteors); that year, the group featured Harry , Peter, Jan-Piet Visser (h, in 1979 to Livin' Blues), Floor, Pieter, Ken, Jacob and Monica.  In 1979, the band was reduced to a quartet of  Harry, Peter, Pieter and Monica.  The new drummer was David Weiss (ex-Fruit).  In 1980, when Monica went on to join  Herman Brood, Lisa Schulte (ex-American Gypsy) became the new singer.   In 1981, the group disbanded.  Harry joined  Solution and Peter went to Time Bandits.  A few people that worked with the Houseband in the beginning have gone on to join other notable bands: Peter Schneider (v, in 1980 solo-LP), Wim Noordhoek (1973), Cees van der Laarse (b, ex-Sight, to Dynamo and Jan Akkerman) and Jo-Alice Banta (Sail).

1975	LP Zeldzaam en zonderling VPRO 1001
1976	Dancing shoes/Hey pocky a way Jungle J 1001
	Dancing shoes/Break no stones [Duitsland] Ariola AT 17695
1977	Don't lose your love/House party Jungle J 1003
	Don't lose your love/House party [Duitsland] Ariola AT 11309
	So mixed up/Get down to it Poker POS 15037
	LP Sympatico Jungle JLP 11000
1978	The mambo/Bad news Poker POS 15068
	Dyanah/Natural thing Poker POS 15100
	LP Numero uno Poker POL 25067
1979	Hey what planet is this/You've been away too long RCA PB 9375
	LP Hot enuff RCA PL 44010
1980	Hot enuff/Love's gonna getcha RCA PB 4519
	Funk it up/ RCA PB 4543

Dutch charts:

26-3-77 ALBUM 28 12 SYMPATICO [Album v/d week @ 12-3-77]
17-6-78 SINGLE tip THE MAMBO

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