The Incrowd Story


An instrumental group from The Hague that was active between 1962 and 1964.  Members: Henk Teunissen (g, in 1963 replaced by Albert Petitjan), Frank Reinvelt (g), Donny Honderius (b, to Royals and replaced by Humphrey Oedelodsky, who was in the Les Humphries Singers, around 1968) and Peter Riethof (dr, v, to  Willy & Giants).

1962	Rolls Royce/Strato slob Lumirex ST 1004


In 1961, Willy Wissink from The Hague was a member of the Rhythm Folks; he organised dance nights in the  Zuiderpark, The Hague. Around the same time, there was a group called the Giants featuring Henk Smitskamp (b, ex-Hunting Wolves, later to Motions), Hans Wekker (g) and Wil van der Hurk (to Incrowd).  After Willy joined the Giants, a few recordings were made for Artone. With their instrumental rock, the group became famous primarily in the Eastern part of Asia.  Their second single, "Ajoen Ajoen" sold over 100,000 copies.  In 1962, the group got a permanent drummer in Ed Klee.  1963: Willy, Sieb Warner (dr, ex-Atmospheres, to Ricochets), Nico Lensveld (b) and Guido Blom (g).  For a short while: Louis Blonk (dr, ex-Black Albinos, to René & Alligators).  1964: Willy, Henk (returned), You Fook Chong (dr, ex-Residental Rockers, to Incrowd, in the declining months of the group succeeded by Bart Terlaak, ex-Oety & Real Rockers, to Mack and Peter Riethof, ex-Stratofires and to René), Don Coldenbach and  Shun Chong.  The group finally fell apart in 1965, after having accompanied Eddy Jones on his single.  The  1981 LP featured: Willy Jr.(dr), Louis Blonk (dr), Ron Westerbeek (p), Tony Hagen (b), Ed de Jong (b), Ed v.d. Zwan (g), Dolf Haring (g) and Anita Corelli (v).

1962	Sarie Marijs/Winnetou [as Giants] Artone DR 25132
1963 Ajoen ajoen/The huckleberry beat Artone DR 25163
Guitar battle blues/Auld lang syne Artone DR 25174
Sarina/Terang boelan Artone DR 25177
EP Sarie Marijs/Winnetou/Ajoen ajoen/The huckleberry beat Artone EPDR 6727
1964 The swingin' music box/March of the giants Funckler DL 45116
1965 Piper blues/Sweety Funckler DL 45153
EP The swingin' music box [met de 2 Funckler singles]
LP The beat boys Funckler PDR 125
1978 LP Ajoen ajoen [= LP The beat boys] CBS 53870
1980 Sarie Marijs [op 2LP Haagse beatnach] CNR 772005/06
1981 Willy's melody/Save the rock & roll of '61 Artone ART 25010
LP Back again Artone 5003


1981	LP LPS 8009
Roy Rogers/Fender bender boogie/Silver spurs/Rocket men
[op LP Instrumental masters vol. 2] LPS 8113


An instrumental group from The Hague, founded in 1979 by Paul Selier (b, v) under the name Tickets.  In 1980, when they decided to record an LP with Willy Wissink of Willy & Giants, they changed their name into Giants. The line-up was then: Paul Selier (v, b), René v.d. Horst (g) and Gerard Boers (dr). This collaboration  didn't work out, though, and the appearance at the Haagse Beatnacht (The Hague Beatnight) didn't help the matters any.  The group then released an LP by itself, as the Giants, with sixties-style instrumentals.  In 1981, they reverted to their original name, the Tickets.

1980	Little giant/Dream of the west Dijk Sound Recording 8006 45/1
Long long ago/Fireball Dijk Sound Recording 8007 45/3
LP Beware of the Giants Dijk Sound Recording LPS 8006


The Incrowd from The Hague existed from 1965 'til 1968. Despite the existence of another Incrowd in Haarlem (later Ekseption) and one in Utrecht (later St. John & the Crew), the band from The Hague became the best-known, not the least thanks to the backing of Polydor records and producer Freddy Haaijen.

They played piano-driven R&B (Hohner Pianet), which perfectly suited the soulful voice of pianist Wil van der Hurk (ex-Giants, a.k.a. Wil Engelsman, a.k.a. Jerry Lee King). The rest of the group's line-up in 1965 was: Len Bouman (b, in 1966 to Daddy's Act), Jan Jonkman (g, in 1966 also to Daddy's Act) and You Fook (Joey) Chong (dr, ex-Willy & Giants).

In 1966, a completely new line-up was formed, with Wil remaining the only original member: Aad van der Kreeft (g), Tony Hage (b, ex-Lords) and Jaap Mossel (dr, later in the Haigs and within a few months replaced by Chong, who returned to the fold). The line-up of Wil, Aad, Tony and Joey recorded the first (and sole) album. Early 1967, Kid van Ettinger (g, later in The Boots) replaced Aad van der Kreeft, who would turn up in George Cash. Kid was introduced as an ex-member of the French Foreign Legion who was "better than Eric Clapton". The public was not impressed and the band had no more chart success after Kid's entrance. They folded in 1968.

In 1974, a few reunion evenings were organised, but despite working on a new single, this didn't lead to a full-fledged reformation. Wil van der Hurk went to work in nightclubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He missed the 1980 Beatnach reunion in The Hague where Chong took over lead vocals. That line-up included Jaap Mossel (d), Kid van Ettinger (g), Tony Hage (b) and Wim Huismans (p).

In 1997 Wil van der Hurk returned to The Hague and recently he has reformed The Incrowd with Kid van Ettinger (g), Fred Severin (b), Hans de Wekker (v, perc.), Louis Blonk (d), Nico van der Linden (o) and Tom Moerenhout (s).

1966	I'll be free/Half dollar man Polydor S 1202
I'll make it all up to you/Love me girl Polydor S 1206
Wrong/I'll keep you happy Polydor S 1215
LP I'll be free Polydor 736042
1967 Stay/Summertime Relax 45054
1968 Tender love/ Relax 45114
1974 Three steps to heaven/ [not released]
1980 LP I'll be free [reissue with extra tracks: Wrong and Reverence in Blue]
Polydor 2426028
I'll be free [op LP Haagse beatnach] CNR 772005/06


This group, half of which came from The Hague, and half - from Amsterdam, existed from 1966 'til 1968 and received, due to first single, a worldwide contract with EMI.  The group consisted of Jan Jonkman (v, g, ex-Incrowd, later in Flexpoint Ballet), Len Bouman (b, v, ex-Incrowd), Ron Westerbeek (v, o, p, ex-Frankie Franken, later to Sandy Coast), Bart Terlaak (dr, ex-Haigs, to Jayjays, in 1967 replaced by  Pierre van der Linden, ex-After Tea, to Met & Zonder) and ex-Veronica disk jockey Leon Kleerekoper who recorded singles under the name of John van Doren.  In 1969, he left for Paris, where he scored big success as David-Alexandre Winter.  The single "Oh Lady Mary" was a big seller.  A later version of Daddy's Act featured Nico Noorduyn (v, to Lobster) and Marc Holland (dr, to Lobster).

1967	Eight days a week/Gonna get you CNR TAR 61006
Grey birds scream/Can't you see CNR TAR 61008
1968 Baby's in black/She left me CNR TAR 61016
Sound of a backstreet/Look and find Negram NG 163
1970 Eight days a week/Gonna get you [re] CNR 141095
1980 Something you've got [op 2LP Haagse beatnach] CNR 772005/06


1967	Last night/It ain't fair Philips JF 333609
Marian/We waren zo gelukkig Philips JF 333698


Rock group from Amsterdam led by Jaap de Wit (v, g). The first line-up of Lobster existed in 1972: Jaap (v, g, ex-Bismarck, to  Sympathy), Nico Doorduijn (v, ex-Daddy's Act, to Machine), Marc Holland (dr, ex-Daddy's Act, to  Machine), Hans van Weede (o, p, ex-Apollo’s Wing) and Rein Schipper (b, to  Mouth & MacNeal). During the 70’s, Jaap went through a series of bands including CarlsbergUziMatch and Lucifer; In the meantime, he recorded several songs with a few combinations of befriended musicians: Andre Reijnen (b, Brainbox, Livin’ Blues), Willem Voorhaar (dr, ex-Udell and Alexander Curly, to Valentinos and Music Garden), Willem Jongbloed (dr, ex-Lucifer), Ruud Baron (b,), Wilburt de Gooijer (b, Liberation of Man), Nico de Gooijer (dr,), Rene Putman (g, Liberation of Man), Rudy Lagcher (perc, v, Reggae Rudy & The Skarocks), Ben Vermeulen (p, ex-Match, to Persiflater and Album), Julio Wilson (perc, v, ex-Match, to Liberation of Man), Fred Berkemeijer (sax).

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