The group René & Alligators from The Hague was one of the better instrumental bands of the era.  From 1960 onwards, they recorded a series of excellent singles, led by guitarist René Nodelijk (ex-Beach Boys and Rocking Sensation Boys). The line-up changed on various occasions.  Bass: Pim Veeren (1959-1962, to Crazy Rockers), Ruud Schoonewelle (1962-1964), Peter de la Haye (1964-1965, to Condors), Ruud Schoonewelle (returned again in 1965), André Serban (1965-1966, a.o. ex-Black Dynamites) and Piet Zandstra.  On top of that, in 1964, Hans Vermeulen of the Sandy Coast joined in on bass for some time. Guitar: Ton de Graaf (1959-1965), Ed Bekking (1965, ex-Black Albinos) and Leo Bennink (joined in in 1965 part-time and 1966 - as a regular member).  Drums: Richard van de Kraats (1959-1964), Wim Zech (1964-1965), Louis Blonk (1965, ex-Willy & Giants, to Leo Unger), Peter Riethof (joined in in 1965 and 1966, ex-Willy & Giants).  Furthermore, Gerrit Groenhof and Cesar Zuiderwijk (ex-Ladybirds, to Hu & Hilltops) have drummed for a short time.  After recordings as the Alligators with Leendert Groenhof on lead vocals (1967), René changed the group's name to Toby Collar.  In the meantime, René also recorded  singles with Anita & René.  In 1977, René returned to Renée, which by then featured his second wife Anja Exterkate (v), Huub van Straaten (b) and John Meyer (dr).  After some hits with rock & roll songs, the group  shifted direction more towards disco. In 1982, Renée fell apart; Anja moved onwards as a solo act.

1960	So mad/Knockin' on your window CNR UH 9488
1961	Alligator's dance/Theme from "Limelight" Fontana TF 266284
	Gipsy rock/My happiness Fontana TF 266285
	EP Alligator's dance/Theme from "Limelight"/Gipsy rock/My happiness
	Fontana TE 463247
1962	Heisser Sand/Granada Fontana TF 266344
	Guitar boogie/In the mood Fontana TF 266345
	Telstar/Rinky dink Fontana TF 266370
	Two guitars/La comparsa Fontana TF 266374
	EP Heisser Sand/Granada/Guitar boogie/In the mood Fontana TE 463272
	EP Telstar/Rinky dink/Two guitars/La comparsa Fontana TE 463282
	EP Telstar/Rinky dink/Heisser Sand/Guitar boogie Fontana TE 463283
1963	Bonanza/Dansevise Fontana YF 278006
	Sweet Georgia Brown/Black swan Fontana YF 278010
1964	Wham/Bust out Fontana YF 278018
	Counterpoint/Let's do the slop Fontana YF 278023
	Alligator's dance/Gipsy rock Fontana YF 278051
	Guitar boogie/In the mood [re] Fontana YF 278072
1965	Eurovisie mars/Twelfth Street rag Decca AT 10113
	She broke my heart/I can wait Decca AT 10169
	EP Beat from Holland [Twelfth Street rag/
	/Eurovisie mars + 2 tracks van de Lords] Decca BU 70010
1966	Quite a lot of things can happen in a day/Laughin' in the rain
	[not released] Decca AT 10202
1967	LP Guitar boogie Fontana QY 826401
1972	LP Revived [Guitar boogie] Fontana 6428042
1982	Guitar boogie/In the mood Fontana QY 6017283


The group Toby Collar from The Hague came forth from René & Alligators in 1967.  Amongst its members were René Nodelijk (g, to Renée), Frans Krassenburg (v, ex-After Tea, later solo, can be heard on the first single), Bea Willemstein (v, ex-Amiola Stars, to Navel), Frank Bianchi (b) and Frank Nodelijk (o, p, ex-Sounds Ltd., to Nature).  In 1970, they also released a single under the name Dutch GardenToby Collar kept working as a "dance orchestra" until 1977.

1968	Talla hassee lassie/Two girls are waiting Polydor S 1286
1970	Woke up too slow/Mary's back again Polydor 2050013
1975	I feel good/Italy VIP VP 7497


One of the first rock groups in the Netherlands was the Hague based Rocking Sensation Boys, who made a single in 1959 and accompanied Rein de Vries on his first two records. The line-up of the group, which existed from 1956 'till 1959 included: René Nodelijk (g, ex-Beach Boys, to René & Alligators), Pim Veeren (b, to René & Alligators), Aad van Zadel (dr, to Black Dynamites), Rein de Vries (g, also solo, to Firebirds), Hugo van der Jagt (to Ina & Jugglers), Loek Burgemeester (ex-Rhythm Stars) and Hans van Eyk (g, to Jumping Jewels). The line-up of this group varied from time to time.

1959	Melody in rock/Eine kleine Nachtmusik Philips PF 318...?


Rock & roll group from The Hague featuring in its line-up Danny Prize (v, g, ex-Black Stones, to Nature), Ton van Os (v, g, to Nature), Dick van der Toorn Vrijthoff (v, b, to Check), Ted Gray, alias Bert Grijzeel (v, g, ex-Valiants) and Boy Brostowsky (dr, to Crazy Rockers).  Also, Leo Bennink (g, ex-Special Five, to  Black Albinos) was part of the group for a short while.  In 1965, the group won the Music Express Talent Contest, after which they recorded 2 singles for Polydor. On the first single, the war chants were provided courtesy of Thom Kelling.  In 1968, in a totally different line-up, they accompanied Mariska Veres (v, ex-Blue Fighters, to Shocking Blue).

1965	Hawaiian war chant/Summertime Polydor S 1142
	Pretend/Hello Polydor S 1143


Indo-band from The Hague, founded in 1961 by Bert Grijzeel, alias Ted Gray (v, to Danny & Favourites), Oely Ros (g), Hans Consten (g), Erik Jahreis (dr) and Victor de Graaf (b).  No records released.  In 1981, they got back together again for the Rock & Roll Revival.


1964	Shaking all over/High heel sneakers Havoc SH 102
1965	Hernando's hideaway/Spanish gipsy dance Havoc SH 106


The group came from The Hague and was founded in 1960. They mainly played instrumental rock & roll using  lots of reverb.  At their live shows, the band featured a variety of singers.  The first line-up: Joop Jonkers (v, stage name Dean Holly), Joop van Heusden (g), Simon Lardenoye (b), Martin de Roo (dr) and Paul v.d. Voort (g, later in The Specials).  In 1964, band leader Joop put together a totally new line-up: Jan Konijnenburg (s), Leo Kappé (dr, ex-Special Five, replaced interim drummer Lodi Wachtel), Udo de Jong (v, replaced Pee White in the Magic Strangers in 1966), Dick Hoppe (b, ex-Defenders, to Moody Sect), Jan de Jong (g, ex-Defenders) and Leo Bennink (g, replaced Joop in 1965, ex-Danny & Favourites, later in Special Five). The group fell apart in 1965.

1962	Skish kebab/St.Louis blues Delta DS 1046
	On the sunny side of the street/Ghost party Delta DS 1055
	On the sunny side of the street/When my sugar walks down the street
	Newtone NT 733


One of the groups from The Hague that worked a lot in Germany, but couldn't survive the forthcoming beat invasion. Guitarists Dick Hoppe and Jan de Jong went to the Black Albinos and drummer Beer Klaasse earned notoriety with the Kick.  The Defenders didn't make any records.  The oldest line-up of the Defenders was: John Heuvel (dr), Gerard Romeyn (g, to Tee Set), Cyril Spendlove (g) and Reinoud O.Bish (b).


Female duo.

1969	Gino, Gino/Goodbye now CNR UH 10031
1970	LP CNR MK 7501


Group from The Hague featuring 7 members: Rob Groenendijk, Paul de Ridder, Rob de Ridder, Ad Brouwershaven, Ferry Verschuyl, Peter de Wit (v, to Pee White & Magic Strangers) and Leo Kappé (dr, to Special Five).

1961	It's over/Silhouette walk Tivoli TI 42129
	Shine/My love Tivoli TI 42151


This group was founded in 1962 in The Hague.  Pee White was, in fact, Peter de Wit (ex-Silhouettes). They  played regularly at the Starclub in Scheveningen.  The president of their fanclub was Joop Roelofs, later guitarist in Q'65.  The line-up also contained Don Biesbroek (g, to Buffoons), Huub Baden (dr), Wim de Mik (s, g, to Sounds Ltd. and Nature) and Jan Cornelissen (b).  In 1966, Pee White left the group; he worked for Music Express until 1972.  Udo Young (ex-Black Albinos) became the group's new singer.  After two singles and a  successful tour, through England, the Magic Strangers fell apart.

1964	Pig latin song/Let the four winds blow CNR UH 9697
	Beautiful dreamer/'t Is nog zo vroeg CNR UH 9713
1965	The bonk/What can I do CNR UH 9741
	Satisfaction/Wooly bully Discofoon SF 2535
	I wonder where my baby is tonight/I've got that feeling/I'm a kingbee
	[on sampler Tienerbandshow] Imperial ILA 252
1980	Cry [op LP Haagse beatnach] CNR 772005/06


1962	Funiculi funiculi [flexi-disc] [Dansschool Wim van Lier]
1966	Baby baby balla balla/I'm a kingbee Imperial IH 675
	She'll know I'm sorry/Not a word untrue Imperial IH 682


1967	I feel like crying/I'm on the run Decca AT 10243


1965	Tschau tschau auf Wiederseh'n/Die eerste zoen Philips JF 327764
	Bij jou/Midden op de straten Philips JF 327840
1968	I'll never stop/Lovin' you [& René] Decca AT 10348
	I am remember/Why why Decca AT 10349
1970	No way to go/It's gonna be a sunny day [& René] Park BP 1030


1978	Sweet nothings/Alligator boogie CNR 141489
	LP CNR 660025
1979	Whole lotta shakin' goin' on/It feels good CNR 141509
1980	If you wanna be a rock & roller/What will I do CNR 141614
	Jimmy/Change your style CNR 141652
	Come closer/It's absurd CNR 141677
	Sad man/Reaching for the sky CNR 141699
	LP Ready to rock & roll [= LP, re] CNR 447008
	LP Reaching for the sky CNR 660083
1981	Stranded lady/ CNR 141758
1982	High time he went/ CNR 141839
	You're a liar/ CNR 141856
	LP The future non can see CNR 655143


1970	Dirty poor old man/It's better Negram NG 173


A female quartet from The Hague that was formed at a music school at the beginning of the sixties. Amongst its members were: Bea Willemstein (to Dutch Garden and Toby Collar), Marja v.d. Toorn (to Ladybirds, Beat Sisters and New Crazy Rockers) and Marja v.d. Schild (to Noisemakers).


The Noisemakers from The Hague released an instrumental single and often accompanied the Cocktail Sisters.  Line-up: Peter Ginjaar (g), Albert Schönberg (g, to Daddy's Act), Marja van Schild (b, ex-Amiola Stars), Sjaak Haagman (dr), Ton van Steggerda (v) and Bram Hoebs (g, repl. by Theo van Dort).  They won the very first Kaag Contest in 1963. By the time the single was recorded, only Peter, Marja, Sjaak and Bram remained in the line-up.

1963	El chocklo/Guerilla Imperial IH 547


Duo from The Hague, consisting of the sisters Jenny and Joke Streur. They were accompanied by the Teenager Melodians and Bob Williams (1960/61) and the Noisemakers (1963).  Some years later, Jenny recorded in the R&B style, as a member of Jenny & Rascals.  The Sisters were discovered in 1960 in AVRO's "Nieuwe oogst"; they were 11 and 12 years of age at the time.

1960	Alleen op de wereld/Ik wil een mannequin zijn CNR UH 9391
1961	De leuke boy/Meisje van het ballet CNR UH 9520
1962	Tennessee baby/Nur für Verliebten ?
1963	Ik hou van Cliff/Jij bent voor mij een top Imperial IH 548


Jenny Streur had entered the world of beat via the Cocktail Sisters in The Hague. Despite this, the group she formed at the end of 1965 didn't perform very often in The Hague.  Her father, who was the manager of the  Rascals, stated in Hitweek that he "wouldn't crawl on his knees" to the Casino, nor to Mr. Senf to join the The Hague clan for a "lousy pair of tenners". According to the Artone biography, a Beatles-influenced concern had tried to lure her away to England for a girl beatgroup, but failed.

1966	You told me a lie/Goodbye my love Artone DS 25329
1967	That's a man's way/Baby you know you ain't right Artone DS 25519


Group from The Hague inexistence only for a short while in 1970: Frank Nodelijk (v, o, p, ex-Toby Collar, to  Wendy & Gardenians and Udell), Wim de Mik (s, g, ex-Magic Strangers and Sounds Ltd., to  Promotion), Danny Prize (v, g, ex-Danny & Favourites), Ton van Os (v, b, ex-Danny & Favourites) and an unknown drummer.


Udell T. Anderson from Texas tried his luck at the end of the sixties in England (as a member of the  Gladiators, a solo act and also as a session singer with Dusty Springfield and Madeline Bell) and then came to the Netherlands in 1970 to take part in the recording of the musical, "Hair".  After that, he formed his own groups Stone Delight and Udell's PeopleStone Delight featured Frank Nodelijk (o, p, ex-Nature, to Promotion), Rein Schipper (b, to Lobster and Mouth & MacNeal), Jaap de Wit (g, ex-Bismarck, to  Lobster and Carlsberg) and Willem Voorhaar (dr, ex-Punky's Dilemma, to Lobster and Alexander Curly). Udell's People was founded in 1975 in Amsterdam and consisted of Ed Simpson Baikie (b), Lindsay Scott (vi, perc), Tom Bachman (dr, to Robinson Cruiser), Cor Kalkman (p, ex-Dagmar) and Martin van Wijk (g, ex-Lemming, to Kelly White).  On his LP, Udell was accompanied by the Rainbow Train; his People also accompanied Daniel Sahuleka.

1969	Love ain't love/Funky walk CBS 4212
	Keep on loving me/Thank you darling CBS 4459
	Don't go away/Thank you darling CBS 4645
1977	The promise of love/Children's world CBS 5095
	Fifty ways to leave your lover/My life CNR 144591
1978	LP This is magic CNR 651022


An occasional group featuring Robbie van Leeuwen, Henk Smitskamp and Rene Nodelijk.

1967 Let the circle be unbroken/Count down Havoc SH 128

Dutch charts:

30-5-1964 SINGLE 47 4 HE'S YOUR LOVER
21-6-80 SINGLE tip JIMMY
17-1-81 SINGLE tip SAD MAN
10-4-82 ALBUM 23 6 THE FUTURE NONE CAN SEE [Album v/d week @ 27-3-82]

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