A "supergroup" led by "Crazy Rocker" Eddy Chatelin (v, g) - only existed for four months. Other featured members: John Swart (g, ex-Black Dynamites), Rudy Davids (dr) and André Serban (b, ex-Royal Teens, to Special Five). For unknown reasons, Delta has included all four songs by this group on the Crazy Rockers' LP, "Successen" in (1966).

1964	Down by the riverside/Come on let's slop Delta DS 1075
	By the light of the silvery moon/Highschool blues Delta DS 1078


Rock & roll group from The Hague featuring members of Indonesian and Surinamese origin. This group existed from 1961 'til 1966; mostly touring in Germany. Members: Harry Berg (first dr, later g, ex-Real Room Rockers, to Dick Scott & Barons), Eddie Chatelin (v, g, ex-Real Room Rockers), Woody Brunings (v, g, to Residents), Pim Veeren (b, ex-René & Alligators, to Residents) and Sidney Rampersadt (first v, later dr, ex-Black Dynamites). By the end of 1965, Sidney was replaced by Boy Brostowski (dr, ex-Danny & Favourites, to Dick Scott & Barons) and the group was also expanded with keyboardplayer Jack van Rossum (to Dick Scott & Barons). In 1964, Eddie made a few singles with his own group Eddy & Crazy Jets Show.

After the Crazy Rockers disbanded, he joined Union Pacifics, Union Five, Dick Scott & Barons, Eddy's Circus, Tielman Brothers, Sounds Ltd., Sounds '77, and New Crazy Rockers. This latter group was launched in 1980 and consisted of Eddie, Marja v.d. Toorn (v, dr, ex-Amiolia Stars, Ladybirds and Beat Sisters), Hans Consten (v, g, in 1981 replaced by Maurice de la Croix, ex-Jack Jersey), Paulo Grobben (v,b) and Susy Schimai (v, o, p). In 1981, Marja started focusing more on solo vocals and a new drummer was recruited, one Jonky Pelupessi. The (old) Crazy Rockers reunited again in their original line-up for the The Hague Rock & Roll Revival.

1963	Mamma pappa twist/The third man Delta DS 1065
	Giddy up/Rosita my love Delta DS 1070
	Carioca/The happy whistler Delta DS 1089
1964	Reelin' and rockin'/I feel alright Delta DS 1116
	LP Drivin' Delta DL 502
1965	The chicken back/Money honey Delta DS 1131
1966	LP Successen Delta HJD 102
1973	LP Best [= LP Drivin' + Mamma pappa twist + Giddy up] Negram HJN 218
1981	Mamma pappa twist [op LP "Rock & roll revival"] CNR 658012


In 1966, this Indonesian band from The Hague came forth from a fusion between Crazy Rockers and Dick Scott & Barons. Line-up included: Wout Jansen (v, g, dr, ex-Barons), Pim Veeren (b, ex-Crazy Rockers), Woody Brunings (v, g, ex-Crazy Rockers, in 1977 in Hell Cats), Martin de la Haye (v, g, ex-Black Magics) and Henny Heutink (dr, ex-Barons). Their single, "Gabrielle", was a harmony song in the style of Buffoons. The group existed until 1968, when members went to join Dutch Seven (1968) and later Maiden's Prayer (1973).

1968	Gabrielle/This is my dream Tania JFG 301


This Indo-band from The Hague existed around 1965-1966. Although they haven't made any records, the group is reflected here, because of a number of important musicians from the The Hague Indo-scene participating in it. The permanent core of the Barons consisted of Ed Chatelin (v, g, ex-Crazy Rockers and Union Pacifics, to Tielman Brothers and New Crazy Rockers) and Boy Brostowski (dr, ex-Danny & Favourites, to Buffoons).  Other participants: Henny Heutink (dr, ex-Black Dynamites, to Residents), Wout Jansen (v, g, ex-Sky Meteors, to Residents), Jack van Rossum (o, ex-Crazy Rockers, to Buffoons), Harry v.d. Berg (g, ex-Crazy Rockers) and Roy Chauvigny de Blot (b, ex-Firedevils).


This rock group from The Hague recorded a single in Germany in 1963. One of the featured members was Wout Jansen (g, later in Residents, ex-Fred Barney & Flintstones).

1963	Skinnie Minnie/ Hansa ?


An instrumental band from The Hague. They mostly played in Germany, around 1961, and recorded three singles for the Vogue label there. Line-up: Roy Deen (g), Roy Alfonsz (g, ex-Oety & Real Rockers, to Strangers), Wout Jansen (g, to Sky Meteors), Ron Cortenbach (b, to Oety & Real Rockers), Jerry de Rijk (s, ex-Black Magic Stars) and Englishman Steve Holden (dr).

1961	Sway/ Vogue ?
	Barney's slop/ Vogue ?


Group from The Hague, existed in 1969-1970 and featured a line-up which included a few prominent members of the Hague scene: Ed Chatelin (v, g, ex-Crazy Rockers and Union Pacific), Theo van Hagen (s, ex-Desillusion 21, to Dutch Dimension), Jaap Tuinenbreier (dr, ex-Union Pacific, to Andy Star & Stripes), Fokke Openty (b, ex-Free, to Andy Star & Stripes), Wim de Mik (s, ex-Magic Strangers, to Nature) and Frank Nodelijk (o, p, ex-Shocking Blue, to Toby Collar, in 1970 succeeded by Henk Russeler, ex-Desillusion 21, to Dutch Dimension). In 1977, the group reunited featuring a changed line-up, under the name of Sounds '77: Ed Chatelin (v, g, to New Crazy Rockers), Frank Nodelijk (o, p, ex-Mayflower, to Delta Trio), Wim de Mik (b, ex-Promotion), Kock Kropf (dr) and Jan Smit (o, p).


An Amsterdam/Hague group featuring Frank Nodelijk (v, o, p, ex-Nature and Wendy & Gardenians, to Mayflower), Wim de Mik (s, ex-Nature, to Sounds '77), Willem Onstein (dr, ex-Wendy & Gardenians), Gerard Stellaard (b, to Fantasy) and Ron v.d. Laan (tr). This line-up existed in 1973. In 1973/74, Frank and Willem also accompanied duo April Shower (feat. Heddy Lester). 


Also known as Union Pacifics, this group featured Eddy Chatelin (v, g, ex-Crazy Rockers and Dick Scott & Barons, to Sounds Ltd.). Made a German single in Germany with two covers of hits by the Butlers and Tee Set.

1969 Nasi goreng, bami, saté/Ma belle amie


1980	Telephone baby/That lovely feeling inside Rockhouse SP 8012
1981	Telephone baby/That lovely feeling inside [re] Blue Eagle RCS 1133
	LP Out of sight CNR 657580


The Black Dynamites from Den Haag was one of the oldest rock & roll groups in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, they worked primarily in Germany and Spain while they recorded their records mainly in Belgium. The first line-up in 1958 consisted of: Harry Koster (g, s, ex-Real Room Rockers), Rudy Copiens (g, soon replaced by John Swart, ex-Real Room Rockers, in 1964 to Eddy & Crazy Jets), Harry v.d. Voet (b, to Eastern Aces), Henny Huiting (dr, a.k.a. Henny Heutink, later in Dick Scott & Barons), Nico Fioole (v, g), Fred Christoffel (g, to Travel Five) and Rudy Piroeli (g, ex-Black Magic Stars, to Hurricane Rollers). In 1960, the line-up featured: Harry, John, Aad v.d. Zadel (dr, ex-Rocking Sensation Boys), Shorty Miller (b, ex-Oety & Real Rockers, to Strangers) and Roy Alfonsz (g, ex-Oety & Real Rockers, to Fred Barney & Flintstones and Strangers).  In 1964 - Harry, Rudy Piroeli (b), Albert Kramer (g), Nico Fioole (v, g) and Herbert Hooikaas (dr). This line-up won a talent competition in 1964 in Spain and made an EP under the name of Los Indonesios.

The 1967 line-up featured: Harry, Nico, Rudy, Henny Heutink (s, g), Shorty Miller (perc), Dolf de Vries (g, ex-Pacifics) and Spanish musician Rafael (v, dr). At this point, the group broke up. In 1981, they reunited in the following line-up: Harry Koster (g, s), Henny Heutink (dr), Dolf de Vries (g), Nico Fioole (v, g), Rudy Piroeli (b, ex-Tielman Brothers) and Richard van Wijk (g). The group were rumoured to have been performing in German discotheques.

1959	Ready to rock/Gone gone away Delahey DS 4009
	Brush those tears/Lonely Cissy Delahey DS 4010
1981	LP Ready to rock Redita 123


1960	Twist in the mood/Don't blame me Show Records SH 1054
	Jenny Jenny/Faraway places Show Records SH 1055


1962	I want to love you/Opera twist Newtone NT 737


1964	EP Ole carde besol/La montana/I know you/Una chica fermal Polydor FEP 302
1967	LP Interlec HI 1002

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