The Ambonesian singer Daniel Sahuleka from Winterswijk was discovered by Rudy Bennett. Live and on his records, he was accompanied by studio-musicians and members of Udell's People. 1978: Ed Simpson Baikie (v,b, ex-Udell's People), Tom Bachman (dr, ex-Udell's People, from Robinson Cruiser), Martin van Wijk (g, ex-Lemming and Udell's People, from Kelly White), Hans Jansen (p, ex-Ekseption), Lindsay Scott (vi, perc, ex-Udell's People), Jan Vennik (s), Bart van Lier (trb), Martha Hollestelle (v) a.o. 1981: Ed Baikie (v,b), Ed Conard (perc, member of Max'n Specs), Hessel de Vries (o,p), Arno van Nieuwenhuizen (dr, member of Diesel and Bruno Basta), Patricia Ruddock (v) and Mildred Douglas (v, ex-Fruitcake).

1976 You make my world so colourful/All you have is your dream	Polydor 2050397
     Marie Claire/Late summer sun				Polydor 2050432
1977 Love to love you/No need to hide				Polydor 2050467
     LP Sahuleka						Polydor 2925054
1978 The change/Girl on the run					Polydor 2050501
     Long distance highway/Without your love			Polydor 2050511
     Finally home again/Little Henry's first shot		Polydor 2050540
     LP Sahuleka 2						Polydor 2925075
1980 Don't sleep away the night/Reflections			Polydor 2050625
     LP Colourful things					Polydor 2441110
1981 We'll go out tonight/part 2				Polydor 2050668
     12" We'll go out tonight/part 2				Polydor 2141391
     Wake up/You're my sunbeam					Polydor 2050693
     LP We'll go out tonight					Polydor 2441126
     LP Sunbeam							Polydor 2925125
1982 Ev'rybody feel the groove/My little lady			Polydor 2050734
     Viva la libertad/Spring					Polydor 2050760
     12" Viva la libertad/Spring				Polydor 2141560

Chart Stats:

    1-5-76	Single	Tip	You Make My World So Colourful
    11-12-76	Single	Tip	Marie Clair
    9-7-77	Single	Tip	Love To Love You
    21-1-78	Single	Tip	The Change
    25-3-78	Single	Tip	Long Distance Highway
    18-11-78	Album	39  4	Sahuleka 2  [Album V/D Week Op 4-11-78]
    16-12-78	Single	Tip	Finally Home Again
    9-8-80	Single	Tip	Don't Sleep Away The Night
    11-7-81	Single	19  6	We'll Go Out Tonight
    10-10-81	Single	12  8	Wake Up
    14-11-81	Album	31  5	Sunbeam
    23-1-82	Single	23  6	Ev'rybody Feel The Groove
    5-6-82	Single	32  3	Viva La Libertad
    15-1-83	Single	26  4	Giddyap A Gogo  [With Ad Visser]
    5-3-83	Single	33  3	Such Luck
    17-9-83	Single	Tip	Skankin'

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