Galaxis was a prog-rock band that toured in Holland, France, Germany and Britain. They performed at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool and made appearences at many open-air festivals.

The band was formed in the late sixties by Ruud Demmenie and sax player Danny Meyer (ex-Soulsound). In the early seventies, the line-up was: Ap Tamboer (drums), Hans van Reijswoud (voc, flute, sax), Peter Bregar (guitar), Ruud Demmenie (bass) and Nick Oosterhuis (keyboards, guitar, flute).

Just before a possible breakthrough (a record deal with Virgin Records was just around the corner) the band fell apart.

Ap Tamboer, joined Earth & Fire (No.1 hit "Weekend" with him playing that marimba) and later - Het Goede Doel and Kayak. Ruud Demmenie went on to join Cashmere.

Some time later, a reconstituted line-up featuring British singer James Wraith led to extensive touring in Britain and Holland in the 70s. The new line-up was: Peter Bregar (guitar), Leo Alblas (bass, ex-Blue Planet), Jacob van Heyningen (drums), James Wraith (vocals, flute) and Nick Oosterhuis (keyboards, guitar, flute).

Galaxis finally folded in 1976. James Wraith formed the Explorers (with Phil Manzanera and Andy McKay), Jacob van Heyningen joined Livin' Blues. Keyboardist Nick Oosterhuis did several recordings with Lemming, Geo, Will Matla (ex-Sympathy), Leo Bennink (ex-Motions), Jody Pijper, Lucille McDonald (ex-Moody Sec), Hugo de Bruin (Diesel, Time Bandits), Gus Williams (Solution), etc., before moving to Germany to work as a producer, songwriter and musician (Matthias Reim, Tony Christie, Wanda Jackson, Vicky Leandros, to name a few).

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