This rock group from Eindhoven existed from 1969 till 1973. Line-up: Bertus Borgers (v, s, fl, ex-Dirty Underwear, to Sail and Sweet d'Buster), Tom Fautubun (b), Bonky Boogaerts (o, p, ex-Dirty Underwear, to Bots), Erik Lintermans (g, to Pat Cool and Persian Blind) and Roeland Boogaart (dr). In 1970, Floortje Klomp sang in the group; she also made solo records.

1970 Wild sensation/Kings of galaxy Philips 6075102
King horse/I can't help it Philips 6075109
LP Philips 6413001
1971 Show me your tongue/Not more than a sign Philips 6075120
LP Warm motor Philips 6413015
1977 LP Warm motor [re] Philips 6440313


The Amsterdam singer Floortje Klomp started singing in the group of Herman van Veen. In 1968, she was part of the team that went to Knokke and she made two singles, of which one was made by the name of Fleur Colombe.  In 1970, she was part of the Eindhoven group Mr. Albert Show for a while and she sang on their hit "Wild Sensation".

1968 Wij blijven binnen tot in mei/Nachtliedje Polydor S 1260


1968 Want zo zie ik jou/Romance Anonyme Polydor S 1278


Plons was a session group from Brabant with, a.o., Bertus Borgers (s, ex-Mr. Albert Show, to Sail and Sweet d'Buster) and Gé Titulaer (o, p, ex-Pat Cool, later solo). Lyrics were written by piece-writers Guus Luijters and Henk Spaan.

1975 LP Als treinen niet vertrekken, dan komt er wel één aan Negram NY 16


Symphonic rock group from Venlo; existed from 1971 till 1974. Line-up in 1971: Huub Timmermans (v, to, ex-Holland Quintet), Peter Tiggelers (dr, ex-Obsession, to Quartz), Tom van der Schoot (b, v, to Warren Harry) and Gé Titulaer (v, keys, fl). Line-up from 1973: Gé (later in Plons and solo), Jan Lekatompessie (dr), Ben Bender (b, z), Erik Lintermans (g, ex-Mr. Albert Show, later in Persian Blind and Cancan), Martijn Alsters (v, fl, g, ex-Joost Nuissl, to Herman van Veen) and Pecos Mamba (perc., earlier already sometimes in Mr. Albert Show, in 1974 also to Persian Blind and Dutch Rhythm & Steelband).

1973	The sunking/Never get lost Delta D 1004
	LP Daybreak Delta DF 9002


Funk-rock group Sweet d'Buster was formed in 1976 by Bertus Borgers (v, s, ex-Sail and Watermelon), Paul Smeenk (g), Herman Deinum (b, ex-Chain Of Fools), Hans Lafaille (dr, ex-Chain Of Fools) and Robert-Jan Stips (v, o, p, ex-Supersister and Golden Earring). After some years filled with successful performances, the changes in line-up started in 1979: Robert-Jan formed his own band Transister and was replaced by Rinze Posthuma (ex-Range, to Sentic), who was himself soon to be replaced by Jons Pistoor (ex-Bruno Basta). Hans Lafaille went on to join the Harry Muskee Band in 1979 and was succeeded by Jan Pijnenburg (ex-Lucifer, to Long Tall Ernie), Pierre van der Linden (ex-Flavium, After Tea, Focus) and, finally, Leon Klaasse (ex-Valley Of Dolls). In addition, in 1979, Eelco Gelling (g, ex-Golden Earring) played in the band for a short while. At the end of 1980, Sweet d'Buster broke up. Leon went on, via Herman Brood, to join Powerplay; Bertus formed his Bertus Borgers Band; Eelco joined the Freelance Band; Hans Lafaille, Paul Smeenk and later Herman Deinum joined the Harry Muskee Gang. The Bertus Borgers Band consisted of Neppy Noya (perc), Jons Pistoor (o, p), Cees v.d. Laarse (b), Rob ten Bokum (g) and Dennis Bristel (dr).

1976	One way or another/Going nowhere Bubble AT 17025
	LP [same one as in 1977?] Bubble XOT 27496
1977	Summertime/You're gonna be a winner Bubble AT 11531
	LP Bubble XOT 25177
1978	No more cricket/Still believe Bubble 100082
	LP Friction Bubble XOT 25861
1979	LP Gigs Bubble 200337
	LP Shot into the blue Bubble 200651
1980	LP Shot into the blue [re] Bubble 202023


1979	LP What's new Polydor 2925090
1980	Sad leavin'/Deep in the heat of the night Polydor 2050599
	Blackbird/I do it for your love Polydor 2050647


1980	LP Demo '74 Ariola 200683
1981	Night cat/ [& Jons Pistoor] CBS 1575

Dutch charts:

Mr. Albert Show
8-4-78 ALBUM 21 10 FRICTION
17-2-79 ALBUM 15 11 GIGS [Album v/d week op 10-2-79]

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